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Small percentage of Coloradans vaccinated for COVID-19 test positive for virus

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DENVER (KRDO) — New data from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment shows a small percentage of Coloradans fully vaccinated for COVID-19 continue to test positive, be hospitalized, or die from the coronavirus.

On Friday, Gov. Jared Polis touted that COVID-19 vaccines are at least 95% effective in preventing infection. 

“When you’re vaccinated, you’re much more likely to have a mild or asymptomatic case,” said Gov. Polis.

13 Investigates uncovered the exact numbers in Colorado.

According to the state health department, since people became eligible for vaccination in mid-January, 2,064 people vaccinated for the virus have tested positive. The state refers to these as breakthrough cases. Breakthrough cases account for about 1.4% of all reported COVID-19 cases in Colorado for that time period.

The state reports 136 hospitalizations among breakthrough cases. That amounts to 1.5% of all COVID-19 hospitalizations in Colorado since mid-January. However, CDPHE says the number only shows how many breakthrough cases were hospitalized. They may have been hospitalized for reasons other than COVID-19.

Finally, 24 deaths among breakthrough cases have been reported in the state since people starting getting vaccinated. Once again, the state specifies these are deaths within breakthrough cases, but not necessarily due to COVID-19. In total, 951 deaths due to COVID-19 are reported throughout the state this year.

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Lauren Barnas

Lauren is an anchor and MMJ for KRDO and 13 Investigates. Learn more about Lauren here.



  1. Governor Polis is WRONG. THE VACCINE DOES NOT PREVENT INFECTION. It lessens symptoms, at best. The downside is you can be asymptomatic and STILL spread the virus to others, vaccine or no vaccine. The Powers that Be are aggressively marketing the vaccines to demographics with virtually no risk: young teens and those who’ve already had Covid 19. A rational person can see through the double speak.

    1. Exactly, the vaccinated are putting others at greater risk because they are less likely to know if they have been infected. Unfortunately too many in the public have been brainwashed to believe that masks, sanitizers, and vaccines are the foundations of a robust immune system.

    2. You got it only half right. You’re correct that the vaccine does not prevent infection (and Gov, Polis didn’t claim it did). And you’re correct that you can still be asymptomatic and spread the virus. But where you’re wrong is that being vaccinated lessens both the chance of becoming infected and of asymptomatically spreading the virus. You have to become infected to spread the virus, so lessening the one automatically lowers the other.

    1. The virus isn’t dangerous it’s a 99% survival rate and especially if you make sure your immune system has what it needs to perform optimally. The vast majority of the people who catch and have complications from Covid have vitamin deficiency especially vitamin D. There are other vitamins like C, K, and Zinc that can help boost immune system function and has a proven record of safety. mRNA is a new technology for which the testing was rushed some processes were skipped and the long term side effects are still unknown and manufactures of the “vaccines” aren’t liable for damages caused by the vaccine.

      1. The virus is only dangerous to those who suffer long-term disabilities or die from it, or potentially to those with compromised immune systems. There appear to be certain genetic trends that make infection more likely, so attempting to boost your immune system with over-the-counter “cures” won’t hurt, but won’t help much either. Your “survival rate” only addresses those who die from the virus. But the numbers with long-term disabilities are only just becoming clear, because it seems to take months for the symptoms to manifest themselves, and those disabilities can mean a lifetime of suffering.

  2. Perhaps most of the people today pushing for mass vaccination, face muzzling, vaccine passports and biosecurity-totalitarianism would have no trouble seeing and acknowledging the WHO’s past episodes of corruption, such as with big tobacco. It is said hindsight is 20/20, but there should be no self-satisfaction among those who can recite past corruptions whilst remaining blind to today’s. We are currently living through levels of systemic criminality that may be blinding in their unimaginable scope, but they don’t have to be. The job of real journalism is to bring these matters into public focus and relentlessly keep attentions on them until they become socially unsustainable.

    In recent Congressional testimony, under Senator Rand Paul’s interrogation, fauci perjured himself with his usual weasel-word games, attempting to obfuscate his role in getting funding to the Wuhan lab. A US President persists in urging everyone to get the shot, and a policy targets ever-younger recipients who are at virtually no risk from this “pandemic.” All of this is occurring while it is becoming increasingly evident that this “vaccination” program is, in effect, something closer to a worldwide bio-weapon attack. Various self-styled “enlightened” demographics pride themselves on their informed virtue and their proclamations about science, smugly satisfied that they could’ve never supported history’s prior corruptions. That which is made obvious with time and accepted by consensus requires no moral courage to adopt and proclaim. That kind of vision is useless if it cannot—or will not—see what is going on today; it is a level of blindness that is the functional equivalent of being a criminal accomplice.

  3. “Everything your government has told you about this virus, everything you need to do to stay safe, is a lie.” Dr. Michael Yeadon.

    A lie is something like a virus for the mind. Like viruses, we also move in an environment replete with lies. But also like viruses, it need not be much of a concern with a robust immune system. The immune system for the mind consists of various component systems, not only what we might normally think of as mental functions—critical thinking and the like—and not only various adjunct functions, such as memory and reliable information inputs, but also faculties that may seem less substantial, such as intuitions and “artistic” capacities like pattern recognition and making analogical connections. It is interesting that Dr. Yeadon was distinguished in his field for just such extraordinary development in this area.

    Just as the “covid pandemic” thrives in an environment of co-morbidities and weakened immune systems, so too does the pandemic of lies take hold in a weakened mental immunity. And just as the unfit bodies and weakened immunities are the “product” of the same system now threatening our liberties and our very lives, we can say the same thing about the plethora of unfit minds. Society has been set up to be vulnerable to these twin, complementary “pandemics” through the marketing of various “junk foods” for body and mind. What are called “culture” and “education” are increasingly little more than the scrambling and deactivating of mental immunity. Malcolm X said “Only a fool would let his enemy teach his children.” We’re all children in the sense of requiring proper mental rearing, and being susceptible to the implanting of virus-lies by those intent on taking over our minds. The enemy takeover of a mind culminates with the programmed acceptance of that takeover by the victim. Everything after that for the infected mind is simply some variation of arguing for its own enslavement. How many of us are now doing just that?

    1. Dr. Michael Yeadon is another former scientist turned antivaxxer. All of his speculations to date have been debunked already, but he has a following with those who are gullible enough to want to believe his ongoing crap in his search for fame.
      And “richierich” is a prime example of such gullibility . . . 🙄

      1. Most don’t read your condescending comments except those on the far left like you and if they do you have just proven yourself on the other side of the fence with the sheep. You just keep it up and keep those comments going with your superior intellect and childish name calling. Proves my point about you every time! You like others have no sense of reality common sense or logic.

        1. Pointing out gullibility is not name calling, but a statement of your apparent state of mind, as you keep demonstrating. It’s unfortunate that you failed to recognize how a number of once-respected people have strayed into the world of baseless accusations.

          1. Once again Mr.Check…you cut me deep with your superior intelligence…NOT!

            Have a nice day!

          2. You saying it’s common sense? Wow…your comments signal otherwise as common sense, logic went out the door when people like you are cowering in fear because of people like me who will not buy into your rhetoric. You continue to spout your truths and I will continue to spout mine. It’s called freedom…remember what that is Mr. Check?

          3. The problem with your “truths” is they’re no more accurate that Trump’s claims of election fraud. There is no evidence for your claims either.
            And I’m not cowering in fear, because I’ve been vaccinated, so I have no need to fear Covid any more than any other possible viral infection.

          4. Umm Reality….
            “The problem with your “truths” is they’re no more accurate that Trump’s claims of election fraud. There is no evidence for your claims either.”
            How about your Russia collusion with Trump claims you still bring up even though after years of investigation and millions of dollars spent found…..nothing.
            Just saying..

  4. First off.. FAUCI belongs in Prison; not only for perjuring himself before Congress last week, but for backing the funding of the Wuhan labs to create the virus. ALSO, every “Operation Mockingbird” news-casting mouthpiece (i.e. they are not journalists) SHOULD BE ARRESTED FOR TREASON. People who have ZERO Real Perspective and who lack any Moral Rectitude are the ones who cannot recognize the difference between Real Morality and deceptive propaganda narratives perpetrated and paid for by entities like Pharma, Bill Gates, most of our Gov’t body, and the CDC, WHO, NIH, etc. We live in a time where the word “philanthropy” has become the substitute for the word “BRIBERY.” Most mainstream media personnel are BEREFT OF CONSCIOUS LIGHT; and in my eyes, they couldn’t even be considered for ENTRY INTO DANTE’s INFERNO to attempt to reclaim their ravaged, lost, forfeited soul.

    — THE 12 HONORABLE PEOPLE REFERENCED (and discredited) IN THIS ARTICLE ARE OF THE WORTHIEST OF RESPECT AND ATTENTION. Only in hell is TRUTH “demonized.” calling, personal attacks. Of course. That’s the scientific method. LOL “Tin foil hat” – and, am I to shrink away in shame now? Have you researched what the original reference was? or contemplated upon what it actually means; or were you accused of that when your higher Mind(s) might have been engaged? OR, are you just repeating the jargon of those “self”-ordained intellectual scientism “group speak” which relieves your brain of its duty to THINK ON ITS OWN?

    — Fauci is a thug and should be imprisoned, along with the rest of the other people whose core essences are effectively “dead.” SLEEPWALKING ZOMBIES who accept the promise of HELLth coming out from the end of a needle, as well as swallow pills and believe the modern counterfeits of what REAL SCIENCE is supposed to be (i.e. individuals practicing Self Observation and personal responsibility) deserve to be the guinea PIGS and take that man-made bio-weapon mRNA altering needle with the spike-proteins which will destroy the True Life Essence of humanity forever. All that because of their cowardly FEARS to learn to THINK and take moment-by-moment Self-initiated actions which promote wholeness and Health based upon the Waking/ Strengthening/ Integrating of their multi-level Immune systems. Instead, they BELIEVE the lies mainstream media is paid to spew out, and believe that the man-made virus –designed by their fellow mentally depraved humanimals— will be “cured” with another contrivance actually designed to push the eugenic extermination process into action.

    — when your physical body dies, the Real You will be SHOCKED at what your “intellect” willfully SUB-stituted for Its CONSCIOUS LIGHT SEEING.

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