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Rawlings Library looks to Pueblo County for financial help

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Rawlings Library is looking for financial help to complete renovation projects.

The library is working to build a new coffee shop, new meeting rooms, and an expansion to the parking lot next year. The Pueblo City-County Library District is roughly $187,000 short of its fundraising goal.

"Believe it or not the Rawlings library is almost twenty years old, and I know that's shocking and the building has really held up well and served our community well," said Nick Potter, with the Pueblo City-County Library District. "However, the Rawlings library pre-pandemic has seen nine hundred to 1,000 people per day coming through its doors. So we want to be able to provide Pueblo with the best possible public library service; It's very important."

Now, library leaders are looking to Pueblo County to step up and help meet their goal.

So far, county commissioners seem to agree. They told KRDO's Dan Beedie that they are hoping to work something into next year's budget.

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Shelby Filangi



  1. “…provide Pueblo with the best possible public library service; It’s very important.”
    Maybe not.
    Libraries are not nearly as important now as they used to be. I used to go to them all the time. Now, the types of information I went to them for, it readily available on the Internet.
    Libraries around here are supported by tax money. And if the public thinks your service is important, they will be willing to pay more taxes to support it. But if the public doesn’t think you are as important and you think you are, they are not going to fund you, and you should try to subvert the taxpayers by asking the county to take money form their budget to cover it.
    Pueblo is in desperate need to upgrade it’s jail. Spend the county money there!

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