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Rocky Mountain Vibes are going to have a drive-in movie night

We may not see the Rocky Mountain Vibes drive in runs this summer but you will be able to watch a drive-in movie at UCHealth Park, "We're like well wait a minute we got this awesome video board inside the ballpark," says Rocky Mountain Vibes general manager, Chris Phillips. On their awesome video board, on May 30th they will show "Back to the Future", "A classic, very family friendly," says Phillips. One hundred and forty families will be able to park their cars right on the field, "People will have to stay in their car. We'll have an FM transmitter signal set so they can turn right to the audio in their vehicle. People will be allowed to use the restrooms, they will need to be masked when they do so. For the concessions, we'll have our own vendors going around that will be masked, gloved and making sure that we are following all of the rules," says Phillips. The rules that have been put in place and approved by El Paso County Public health, "We think this is going to be a big hit. We think people are going to be excited about it and again it's giving people something to do. We'll be keeping everybody safe but it's getting them out of the house, getting them something fun to do and creating memories you know," says Phillips.

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  1. Two very important pieces of information are missing:
    1. How and Where do you buy the tickets, and
    2. How much are the tickets.

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