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Welcome to the KRDO Voter’s Guide for the 2020 General Election on Nov. 3.

The KRDO Voter’s Guide is a supplemental resource to Colorado’s “blue books” and individual voters’ research,  and is also a part of KRDO’s evolving election season coverage strategy.

We focused on the districts that affect KRDO viewers — all of the races below are in our market coverage area.

We asked sets of three questions to candidates based on their races: Presidential candidates, US Senate candidates, US House candidates, and State Legislature candidates. The questions were decided by the KRDO News Editorial team, which consists of two white men, one white woman, and one Asian-American woman.

We decided on the questions based on two factors: 1. feedback from viewers, 2. the categories of stories that received the most interest on-air and on COVID-19, the rapidly increasing cost of living and housing, and bridging our divided country.

Candidate profiles without answers to our questions will be updated when we receive them.

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