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2020 Voter Guide

KRDO 2020 Voter Guide: John Foley

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John Foley is the Democratic candidate for Colorado's House District 14 seat.

What is your top issue for the next legislative session, and how do you plan to fix it?

Foley: My top issue is rolling back the horrific effects of radical libertarian policies on Colorado.  Sadly, too many of these policies such as TABOR and other policies adopted under the influence of Tea Party Libertarians are now proving extremely harmful in our State’s ability to respond to the current COVID crisis.  These same extremists’ libertarians through their “unregulated militias” have now even threatened me with violence and have attempted to intimidate the good people of Colorado by opposition to common sense public health guidelines. These threats to our public safety stop.  I intend to roll back the ill effects of these extremists by building a bipartisan coalition. I seek to work across the aisle with “traditional” no nonsense Republican lawmakers.  Together we can address the tough issues facing Colorado!  

How can the legislature address the state's housing and cost of living issues?

Foley: I support three lines of effort to deal with this crisis:

1) Limited form of direct financial assistance to renters.

2) We also need to support landlords with targeted support.

3) We also need to allocate resources to assist local governments to mitigate eviction cases, and the second and third-order effects of this crisis. 

Should COVID-19 be handled more at a local level or from a top-level approach in the state?

Foley: Both, due to the global nature of this pandemic there is enough work at all levels of government be it local, State and Federal. This needs to be an inter-agency approach led be the federal government yet executed across all levels of state and local government.

Foley's campaign Facebook page can be found here.



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