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2020 Voter Guide

KRDO 2020 Voter Guide: Lauren Boebert

Lauren Boebert graphic

Republican Lauren Boebert is in the running to represent Colorado's 3rd Congressional District. Boebert owns a restaurant in Rifle and expanded her campaign after defeating incumbent congressman Scott Tipton during Colorado's primary race this summer.

What would be your first legislative priority?

Boebert: As your representative, my first legislative priority would be to vote Nancy Pelosi out as speaker of the House and start working on getting America open for business. As a small business owner, I understand how powerful a good paying job can be and what that job does for a person's dignity and self-esteem. As a kid growing up with a mom on welfare, I know how helpless it can feel to be stuck in a cycle of poverty. As your representative, I want to make sure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy the freedom and prosperity that comes with a good job.

How do you plan to represent an increasingly diverse voter base in your district?

Boebert: We should always treat everyone with kindness, respect and equality. I spent years volunteering my time at the Garfield County Jail, counseling at-risk women, encouraging them to live independent, faith-filled lives. When they were released, I offered some jobs at my restaurant. Others needed a hand up and stayed with me at my home because I believe when we help others, we're all better off. That's what I want for all the people I represent, and I think my leadership can help make sure we take a big step in the right direction on this.

What is your top priority, and what is your plan to address it?

I am going to be a strong advocate for addressing our health care needs. We need to protect those with pre-existing conditions, which means I will never vote for legislation that leaves Coloradans without health care coverage. And there's plenty we can do to make sure care is affordable, that prices are transparent, and that we improve access across our rural district. I also think we need health care to be personal and portable. I will always fight for our freedom and prosperity.

Boebert's campaign website can be found here.



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