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KRDO 2020 Voter Guide: Randi McCallian

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Randi McCallian is the Democrat candidate for Colorado's State Senate District 10 seat.

What is your top issue for the next legislative session, and how do you plan to fix it?

McCallian: Times have changed rapidly since I began this campaign, and now we find ourselves struggling through this Pandemic and staring at a looming budget crisis. I am focused on the wellbeing, health, and quality of life for the people I serve; with specific focus on families and children. In my first year, I plan to introduce policy to improve maternal and infant health, as well as support and sponsor policy to protect our right to housing, healthcare, and quality public education. I will work with my fellow legislators to help Colorado recover from this Pandemic and to build an equitable economy that's prosperous for all of us, not just the wealthy few. 

How can the legislature address the state's housing and cost of living issues?

McCallian: By acting in the best interest of the majority of Coloradans and putting people above corporate interests and profits. We need policies that protect our rights to affordable and quality housing (as well as renter's rights) and encourage the development of walkable communities and quality public transportation. Especially in uncertain times such as these, we need to make sure we are protecting people's right to have a safe place to live and sleep.

Should COVID-19 be handled more at a local level or from a top-level approach in the state?

McCallian: Both. It is necessary to involve all levels of leadership, and all geographic areas, in an effective approach to stable and prosperous health for the people. Disease outbreak requires rapid testing and reporting, with a cohesive communication system, in order to recognize, slow, and ultimately stop the spread. This is necessary from anything such as a salmonella outbreak at a grocery store to a novel coronavirus pandemic. Quality healthcare requires accurate recording and reporting of data, from the smallest medical clinics to the largest State hospitals - and someone must monitor and report on it. I have a Master's Degree in Public Health and I value our right to live a quality life, free from unnecessary disease and injury, and I'm ready to help Colorado improve our healthcare system so we can thrive.

McCallian's campaign website can be found here.

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