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E-bike program in Pueblo aims to help low-income workers

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- Community leaders in Pueblo are finding a way to make it easier for low-income workers to get around town.

Pueblo County, the City of Pueblo, Pueblo West Metropolitan District, local non-profit organizations, and active community members are implementing a program called e-Cycle-to-Own.

Through the program, electric bicycles will be given to income-approved essential workers in the community. The program is a parallel with the Colorado Energy Office's 2021 eBike Pilot Program.

In total, 42 e-bikes will be given to qualifying applicants across the city, county, and in Pueblo West. If accepted into the program, participants will also supply data to the state.

The county has already given out 23 bikes. To apply for the e-Cycle-to-Own program, click here.




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