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Colorado Springs native among first female Eagle Scouts in US


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Colorado Springs teen is opening doors and breaking the glass ceiling for many young women hoping to be an Eagle Scout one day.

Sierra Dooley is among hundreds of young women who will make up the Inaugural Class of Female Eagle Scouts in the United States, and she is the only one from the Pikes Peak Council.

Growing up in southern Colorado, Sierra Dooley loves the outdoors.

"I love hiking, camping and backpacking and I am currently in three venturing crews which is a co-ed program of the Boy Scouts of America," said Dooley.

While she could have joined the girl scouts instead, the boy scouts is a family tradition.

"I was inspired to join scouting by my brother, he was a cub scout when I was in elementary school and I would always tag along to their meetings, my dad was a cub master so I was always in the back baking cookies, watching the younger siblings always wanting to do what the cub scouts were doing," said Dooley.

She went after this goal once the boy scouts allowed girls to earn the rank of eagle scout in 2019.

"There was a placard on my high school wall that I looked at every day, ever since I was a freshman and I decided I wanted to be the only female name since there were only boys."

Her Eagle Project was an environmental trail reclamation on water drainage at Manitou Springs High School.

"They decided that our school would be better off having that trail removed as it allowed them to control the traffic down to our sports arena and sports fields," said Dooley.

Her goal was to help prevent the possible erosion of this hill. Overall, the project took her three months of planning and about four days to complete because of the certain challenges the pandemic presented.

"Limiting the number of volunteers, I was not able to bring 60-70 scouts at one time, I had to space out in shifts which prolonged my project and limited the number of things we could get done," added Dooley.

However, like the trailblazer she is, she got the job done.

There are now fences at both ends of the trail used to mitigate the foot traffic. Now, Dooley hopes to inspire the next generation of young women aspiring to be eagle scouts.

Absolutely Colorado / Colorado Springs / Local News

Jasmine Arenas



  1. “the glass ceiling for many young women hoping to be an Eagle Scout one day.”
    The Girl Scouts have the same thing it is just called the “Girl Scout Gold Award”. It has had many other names over the years but was originally “Golden Eaglet of Merit”
    In my opinion there is no “Glass ceiling” when it comes to scouting. They just chose a different scouting group. Future colleges and employers see the same value in an Eagle scout and a Girl Scout Gold Award. So again no glass ceiling, just a girl in boy scouts.

    1. She and her parents must be needy attention seekers who feel a need to run against the grain just to annoy people to get that attention, she sounds like a whiny little annoying person from her interview.

  2. So sad. BSA had such a strong and esteemed history and an organization where boys can be boys and have their own path toward leadership, self esteem, and community service. If girls want the “outdoors experience” then focus on joining and changing the GIRL scouts; don’t change the BOY scouts! This problem started when women became BSA leaders instead of an all male organization. Nothing against women/girls but they have their own place in society. Why to they always want to blend the genders??

  3. Equal rights. Girls are about to reap their own rewards when they never win a sport again. You wanted it, so now hopefully men join every women’s sport and absolutely wreck the girls. Oh or maybe this is only supposed to work one direction???

  4. I think she should as well as all girls should be in GIRL SCOUTS. This is not a good thing. I strongly believe girls can do anything but boy scouts is for boys. It’s not as if girls are left out they have girls scout. I am one of 6 girls only family. I am a mechanic so I know about girl power but really girls in BOY scouts should not happen.

  5. Good for Sierra.
    It is about time that Scouting get rid of the gender split that was a result of the still Victorian mindset at the organization developed.
    Yes, there are equivalent awards in Girl Scouts, but there are many females that find the Scouting program more appealing.

    1. Be careful what you wish for. So lets say we get rid of the gender split. Now we can have males participate in female organizations and sports. Lets just make all clubs/sports coed.

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