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Air Force Academy graduate arrested in U.S. Capitol riot

trump protesters outside capitol

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - A man who graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy was arrested Monday as one of the rioters who allegedly stormed the Capitol Wednesday during a protest claiming election fraud.

Larry Rendall Brock Jr., 53 graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1989. He was arrested Monday in Texas and charged with unlawful, violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds according to an affidavit obtained by KRDO.

Investigators say they received a photo of Brock inside the Senate Chamber from a witness, and Brock's ex-wife identified him in another picture online.

A report published by the New Yorker Magazine Saturday says Brock confirmed he is the man in several photos holding "flex-cuffs," also known as zip tie handcuffs. The report says Brock explained he went to the Capitol to peacefully protest, thought they were allowed inside, and regrets picking up the handcuffs. Brock reportedly told the Magazine he picked up the zip ties with the intent to give them to a police officer, then put them in his pocket, and forgot about them. He also claimed he saw no violence, according to the report.

The Air Force Academy released the following statement to KRDO Monday: "This individual is no longer serving in the Air Force Reserve. He retired in 2014. As a private citizen, the Air Force no longer has jurisdiction over him."

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  1. “Brock reportedly told the Magazine he picked up the zip ties with the intent to give them to a police officer, then put them in his pocket, and forgot about them. He also claimed he saw no violence”
    Yeah right!
    People with peaceful intent don’t pick up flex-cuffs in advance of going to an event. That itself indicates intent to restrain other people, either those defending the targeted building, or the occupants of that building. And did he have his eyes closed the whole time if he didn’t see violence, or was he too busy committing violence himself?
    Lock him up!

    1. He said he picked them up inside the Capitol, not that he brought them to the Capitol.

      If they had meant to restrain and hold the occupants, don’t you think that they would have brought weapons?

      1. So. The hangmans noose. The gallows. The bombs. The vehicles full of guns, bombs and ammo.
        Crushing police officers till they are bleeding by the mouth. Bludgeoning another to death with a fire extinguisher. Beating another to death by curb stomping and beating with a flag pole. Pissing and Shatting in the Capitol Building. Theft. Vandalism.

        When is it enough for you to condemn? If you check list everything I just said, tell me HOW are they different than ANTIFA?

        1. How are they different? People are condemning them where they praised Antifa when they established the CHOP zone in Portland.
          How is it so hard for people to condemn all violence when it is their own party?
          How long was the CHOP zone set up and how many people died and/or were hurt in that whole incident?
          How many police officers have been shot and killed in the name of BLM and antifa? More than were hurt at the capitol. And the democrats didn’t speak up against that. Many praised their actions.

          1. Not true. I condemned them the entire time. Most all of my friends that are on the democrat side, condemned most all that behavior (except for 100% peaceful and LAWFUL protests). I was sickened by the way things were handled but then again, I really am right in the middle, Im registered democrat but I identify with a lot of what republicans feel as well – I just don’t lean far in either direction but a lot of my democrat friends do and they were ashamed of what fellow dems were doing. I understand you’re saying the majority of dems are excusing similar actions they took but when I look at my world of friends, the dems I work with that aren’t my personal friends, etc. they mostly all denounce what dems did as far as the riots earlier this year.

  2. Ya sure. Looked like lots of visitors were picking up trash from the floor while they were beating others with bats and poles. BTW those were weapons. And he was definitely dressed like he was just planning to look around. BS flag is waving. He got caught and is covering his ass. Kudos to the ex.

  3. Julia, he graduated in 1989 and retired in 2014. The only reason that you mentioned his past military service was to take a cheap shot at the Air Force Academy.

  4. Jumping on that click-bait bandwagon, I see. Who cares that this guy graduated in 1989 and retired in 2014? Maybe you should also count up all of the Vietnam vets, Korean War vets, Desert Storm vets, etc. and your next article can be titled “Thousands of military members attend Trump Rally”. KRDO, please don’t become another worthless voice among the MSM.

    1. I thought the exact same thing? They made it sound in the headline like this guy was current member of the ASAFA. That was DECADES ago. KRDO has really been going downhill lately.

      1. They are always poised to take cheap shots at republicans and or tie extremists to something here locally so they can vilify the locals and group them in with that extremist. The Air Force had nothing to do with this nor the academy.
        Yet another example how the two party system is broken. Both point fingers at the other side as the big threat to America. Being hateful because the other side was hateful is still…..hate.

    2. The whole truth. So sorry his military background was brought up, snowflake. Perhaps if he hadn’t come dressed up like a toy soldier that wouldn’t have been relevant.

  5. RightInTheMiddle
    I agree with your response to me above. (It won’t let me reply to it).
    You are correct most people on both side are good people who would never condone those actions. Unfortunately the radicals are allowed to define the whole “party”. I am and have been an independent for a long time because I don’t agree completely with either side and many people will attack others based on them being democrat or republican. I have watch good people on both side get vilified for their party affiliation. Like the dems calling on all republican senators and representatives to resign over the capitol riot. That is not right. I watch republicans say all democrats are evil. They are not. I choose to get to know a person and not judge them based on the political views. I get the same respect back.

  6. Amazing how the media can call this a “riot”, but all summer when buildings were burning, cops were being killed and blocks of cities were taken over it was all “protesting”. It truly is amazing how many (Democrats and Republicans) have switched their tones for 2021. You guys must be exchanging your scripts.

  7. That was considered a riot but this summer that had more murders damages ect was peaceful protest? I guess it determines on what side of politics you are on.

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