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Alamosa protester officially charged with attempted murder after shooting of disabled veteran

james marshall suspect Cropped
Alamosa Police Department

ALAMOSA, Colo. (KRDO) -- The attorney accused of shooting a disabled veteran during a protest earlier this month was in court this morning.

James Marshall, 27, was formally charged with attempted murder and assault after investigators say he shot Danny Pruitt, 49, in the head.

After his charges were read, Marshall was ordered to surrender all of his firearms. He still remains free on bond.

Supporters of the Pruitt gathered outside of the courthouse Monday morning with signs reading "Justice for Danny."

Pruitt, who is from Canon City, is a disabled veteran and single father to a little girl. His family tells KRDO he remains in a Colorado Springs hospital with a traumatic brain injury.

A video obtained exclusively by KRDO from a nearby business shows the moments leading up to the June 4 shooting. The shooting happened as Pruitt was driving through a crosswalk and Marshall was protesting. Pruitt appears to drive through the crosswalk and a protestor wearing a black shirt and light-colored backpack pulls out what police say is a gun out of his pocket.

Authorities say Marshall shot Pruitt through the passenger window of his truck. Afterward, a protester runs away into what appears to be James Marshall's law office in downtown Alamosa.

A preliminary hearing for the case has been set for August 28. The District Attorney in Alamosa tells KRDO it is pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic's impact on the courts and trials.

If a judge believes there is enough evidence to move forward with the charges, the case will be bound over to district court.   

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Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.


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  1. Isn’t is interesting that protesters who are causing hate and discontent are both Democrats and Defense attorneys. This one is from Alamosa CO and there were 2 in NY who threw Molotov cocktails at a police van, what does this tell us is wrong with our society? Attorneys who are against a civil society, always asking for leniency for clients who continue to cause harm to society have now become what they are defending.

    Begs one to ask what is wrong with the Democratic party. Gov Polis issued an order to have inmates released due to COVID and no one is reporting on some of them who have been released and committed heinous crimes, one committed a murder in Denver and two others went to TX and killed someone. I have lost all hope for humanity and the society we live in.

    My grandfather fought for this country in WWII and always said we are to help our fellow man. I guess that saying doesn’t mean what it did in his time, now we don’t help we destroy and coddle and hope for the best. Judgement day is coming but will it come soon enough to stop what is going on. The only hope we have left in our crumbling society is the fact that Jesus is coming and coming soon.

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