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Colorado Springs students display posters to increase systemic racism awareness

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A group of students based in Colorado Springs is raising awareness about systemic racism in the United States by sharing posters around the community, neighborhoods and small businesses. The posters include QR codes linked to resources on how to donate, reach out to state senators and support the Black Lives Matter movement.

Sanavi Pillai, one of the organizers, says, "Due to the massive increase in awareness regarding systemic racism in our country, we as students decided that taking action was necessary to inform our community about the injustices that many people face. People have been able to come together and protest against racial discrimination in our country as well as take a stand against the use of excessive police force on citizens."

Pillai adds, "As Colorado Springs natives, it’s been inspiring to see so many people take initiative within our community. The fight against racial inequality, systemic oppression and the lack of police accountability are all significant issues. To make a difference, we feel that it is necessary to bring awareness to this issue."

Seven students, Noopur Naik, Nidhi Unnikrishnan, Sachi Rohilla, Shalaka Natu, Urja Hurkute, Apoorva Kanekal, Sanavi Pillai, are committed to bringing more awareness regarding racial injustice through the posters. For a link to the digital poster, click here.

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  1. George- resisted arrest and high on drugs
    Breonna- had packages of drugs sent to her house and her boyfriend fired at police officers during a SWAT raid
    Ahmaud- burglarized a construction site multiple times and then tried to disarm a guy holding a shotgun
    Devon- ran from the cops after robbing someone and reached for a gun

    George and Breonna definitely were no angels but were avoidable deaths, the other two 100% had it coming.

  2. I see People. I see Humans. I don’t go looking for Skin Tone and I’m certainly NOT going to search out businesses based on the level of Melanin in their skin! So kids, you can learn Facts or made-up garbage. There’s No Free Pass for anyone, except the religious one of Accepting Jesus, who Paid for All; everything else has a cost in this life!

  3. School systemic political correctness is working its magic here. Hope these young ladies never need a cop or a good-paying job. Awareness doesn’t stop a criminal or pay the bills.

  4. None of the ladies said anything about cops or good-paying jobs. You’re just gaslighting, like Our Dear Leader.

    Hope you never need a school or a handout from the government, because while these brave ladies will be fine in life, you will be still stuck in your parent’s basement, unemployed.

    I will pray for you.

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