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Warrants issued for contractor who destroyed Colorado Springs woman’s bathroom

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The video of the incident went viral around the country, but now two contractors have warrants out for their arrest after destroying a Colorado Springs woman's bathroom in September.

Amber Trucke told KRDO she paid contractors from Dream Home Remodels of Colorado $3,330 of an owed $7,555 to rebuild her bathroom shower. Trucke said she wasn't pleased with the work the contractors had done and wanted to inspect it further before handing over the final payment of more than $4,000.

Instead, Trucke says that Terry Gregory, the owner of Dream Home Remodels, took a sledgehammer to the bathroom tiles, leaving a mess of smashed debris throughout the room.

Our original report garnered national attention, and Trucke ended up getting a new bathroom for free courtesy of a few other contractors who saw our story.

But investigators with the Colorado Springs Police Department said they were looking into criminal charges against Gregory and another employee, Jordan Cazares, after Trucke filed a police report. On Friday, Colorado Court records showed that felony warrants had been issued for both of them.

According to court records, Gregory and Cazares are wanted on charges of class three felony burglary and class six felony criminal mischief.

The cell phone video also sparked an investigation by the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department (PPRBD). The Regional Building Department says their investigation is into whether or not Dream Home Remodels of Colorado is in compliance with codes. Dream Home Remodels of Colorado said they are in compliance with the codes and are 100% licensed to conduct the work at Trucke's home.

Colorado Springs Police tell KRDO that officers are seeking the pair, but that they've been informed of the warrants. Court records show that they're both eligible for bond set at $10,000.

We tried to call Cazares but her phone number was disconnected. Our attempts to reach Gregory have been unsuccessful.

Trucke issued this statement to KRDO:

"I'm glad to see our justice system working and am optimistic it will keep something like this from happening to another unsuspecting homeowner.

I'm so grateful that I've had such wonderful support from so many reputable contractors, loved ones, neighbors, and even strangers from all over, but I'm looking forward to putting this all behind me and this is another big step in being able to do that."

UPDATE: Terry Gregory and Jordan Cazares were booked into custody in Gunnison County and released on bond on Nov. 7.

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Spencer Soicher

Spencer is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. Who’s dumb enough to spend 7500$ for that little bit of work? I know a certain RealityCheck would be.

    1. Trying to tie unrelated subjects together amply demonstrates your lack of common sense, probably due to your lack of proper education.

      1. “Burglary only applies when a person enters someone else’s premises unlawfully with intent to steal. I don’t see how that would apply in this case.” This was your statement in September Reality….maybe due to a lack of proper education.

        1. @ 223 well having paid for half of the work at least half on the tiles were her property. I.E. Burglary.

        2. That was in reference to a robbery at a store (i.e. a place where the public are normally admitted). You’re obviously demonstrating credibility problems if you’re trying to take one of my comments completely out of context to use here.
          And clearly you still don’t understand what legally make a situation a burglary. It’s ILLEGEL ENTRY into a building with intent to commit a crime, especially theft. The woman let him into her home, so it’s not illegal entry. And he didn’t steal or remove anything, he destroyed it. So it’s not burglary on two counts. There are other laws that cover these events, but burglary is not one of them.

          1. Wow you truly are dense. Those were your words not mine, own them. And
            Burglary is making a entry either legally or illegally with the intent to commit a crime there in. That is exactly why they were charged with burglary and criminal mischief just as i said in September. They are not being charged with theft so not sure where you are getting that from. Please refrain from commenting on topics you obviously are clueless about.

          2. Well, it looks like you are correct. The definition of burglary I had read originally did not include the fact that “if the person knowingly enters unlawfully, OR REMAINS UNLAWFULLY AFTER A LAWFUL OR UNLAWFUL ENTRY” which was actually provided by “AnotherMindlessZealot” in the original story posted after my comment. It’s also now clear that the contractor removed some of the materials from the premises after destroying them.
            Those facts clearly changes the whole meaning, and I stand corrected.

    1. Uninvited in the house of a woman they don’t know taking a sledgehammer to the walls and yelling angrily at people while holding that hammer up in the air? In my neck of the woods, they’d be lucky someone didn’t consider that a castle law situation.

        1. I’m in Colorado, but rural. So if a person came into my home with a sledgehammer and started smashing apart my walls, turned and yelled at me angrily with the hammer still in his hand when I asked him to leave, so I shot him, I’m thinking I’d have a case. You don’t? I’m not suggesting that would be a good outcome, but they certainly set themselves up for it. They’re lucky all they are facing is criminal charges.

          1. What you describe has happened before. The outcome was very different. You would be arrested for that action. You would have to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they were there to kill you, they were about to kill you and you had no other means to get away so the only option was to use deadly force. Colorado Law is very specific about it. A lady had a similar experience you describe and she shot the guy, guess who is in jail? She is. Arizona is another story and you would be justified.

  2. This whole thing is stupid. They should have filed a claim in court instead of smashing their work, and she didn’t deserve a free bathroom remodel for refusing to pay them.

    1. The only stupid thing about it is the contractor who criminally entered someone’s house and destroyed the HOMEOWNERS PROPERTY. Whether she deserved a new bathroom is of no consequence to what took place. She rightfully did not pay for “work” that looked like a third grader completed.

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