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Group of men rebuild bathroom for Colorado Springs homeowner after viral video

Dream Home Remodels of Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- After a Colorado Springs contractor destroyed his work because of a payment dispute, the homeowner can now expect a happy ending.

In September, Amber Trucke shared a now-viral video of contractors from Dream Home Remodels of Colorado taking a sledgehammer to her bathroom.

Trucke told her contractors from Dream Home Remodel of Colorado she wasn't pleased with the work and had asked to have her shower door installed.

She'd paid half of the owed balance, but the contractors thought she was refusing the rest.

So, Terry Gregory set about "repossessing" her bathroom, with a sledgehammer.

Since the story first aired on KRDO, people around the world have reached out to Trucke, offering help.

"I'm getting messages from Ireland, Norway, Czech Republic, South Africa, and Poland," Trucke laughs.

Trucke says she has probably gotten more than a hundred messages from people offering to help or wanting to ask about the video.

"I kind of thought somebody in Colorado Springs might call me and say, 'Hey you know I can do this at a discount since you've already paid some money. Let's work something out,'" she says. "I didn't think I was going to have my phone blowing up and people from all over the country offering to just stop what they're doing in their daily lives and come fix my bathroom."

One of those offers came from Portland, Oregon-based tile installer Jason McDaniel. He saw the video on social media and felt compelled to turn the nightmare into a project of his own.

McDaniel is partnering with local contractors, Jeremy Johnson, Matt Coppo, and Steve Sells.

"This was just that that perfect opportunity to do something amazing with other amazing local tile contractors," McDaniel said.

The whole thing will be free for Trucke, who lost about $3,300 during the first remodel.

McDaniel and his team partnered with other people in the tile industry are using donated materials and labor to give Trucke the bathroom she's always wanted.

"I just thought it was incredible that these strangers that I didn't know, we're willing to band together to fix this, without me even asking them, I hadn't even talked to them yet, and they were already planning on how to fix my shower."

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Spencer Soicher

Spencer is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



      1. You are talking out you back side here… There were photos posted of the job the original contractor performed. It was horrendous and was not done correctly. No one should have paid the final bill for that install.

      2. I would not of paid a another cent for that shoddy subpar pathetic tile install. That install was completely and totally unacceptable by a so called professional. He also moved plumbing and didn’t have a license or a permit to do that. It is also my understanding that he destroyed his shameful install the very next day after he finished it. God bless the generous thoughtful true professionals that are helping her.

      3. You NEVER pay up front for anything done to a home, that’s why we have escrow accounts.

  1. Could’ve spent that time doing some good in the world – instead, they decided to give something to someone who just didn’t want to pay for a service rendered.

  2. “The whole thing will be free for Trucke, who lost about $3,300 during the first remodel.”
    Lost that money..???… She never paid that money… That is a fun twist. The contractor did other work in her house and then the shower was the last $4K… that she didn’t pay.
    I do not agree with the contractors action at all don’t get me wrong. But she should have to pay for her new shower, not get it for free. I still believe she didn’t even have the money nor had intentions of paying for the shower work.

  3. Ohh man. I will send this to the building department. They have it in writting from KRDO now.
    From PPRBD: Out of state contractors are NOT allowed to come perform work under a local contractors license. Each contractor shall have the appropriate license and insurance through PPRBD for their work performed.

    1. I agree 100%. For someone to make that comment, that “she should of just paid her bill like everyone else” does not know the full story because “everyone else” would not of paid for that worthless job. He did her a favor by destroying it because that was the natural next step that needed to be done to have it installed correctly by someone that knows how to install tile because this Terry Gregory person clearly had no clue whatsoever how to install tile properly. If he thinks that tile job is acceptable then I really hate to think what the plumbing done behind the scenes might be like especially when a plumbing permit didn’t exist for this project. Nope, not one cent would of or should of been paid by her or anyone else.

    2. and that’s why the the guy from washington is furnishing the materials and the local guys are doing the work…I cant believe I had to explain that.

  4. There are homeless and at risk individuals who need help, but let’s give a hand to somebody who already has enough money to blow 4k (that she refused to pay instead of suing them) on *remodeling*.

    You know, someone with little to nothing needs help it’s “Git a jab!” “Oh these liberals!” “U got 2 legs rite??” – somebody with money needs help and it’s “bless these men!” “There are good people in the world!” “Good for them!”.

    In real Colorado Springs fashion, eh?

    1. That conversation gets deep real fast as there are people that truly need help and there are those that take advantage of the system and other people. hard to tell the difference.

  5. Now, if we can just get a few protesters at Memorial Hospital for the lady that needs the kidney transplant that Memorial Hospital is committing depraved heart murder against by telling her she needs to be injected with the bio-weapon or she can’t have the transplant.

    1. she bowed to pressure and is getting the shots.
      Now wouldn’t life su ck if she died from the vaccine?

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