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Paramedics rescue injured hiker from Pulpit Rock

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A hiker was was carried down steep terrain in a stretcher Sunday after a climb at Pulpit Rock Open Space went awry.

The Colorado Springs Fire Department responded to the scene and carried the injured hiker down with a rope system.

CSFD says paramedics gave the patient pain medication and took them to a local hospital.

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Suzie Ziegler

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  1. Should have left their ass up there. I am so sick of seeing people EVERYWHERE! We get a stay at home order so there’s suddenly 20 times the bike traffic than I have ever seen here and just as many people walking around with nowhere in particular to go. Bunch of spoiled babies. Want whatever they can’t have. If we were all told that we HAVE to go outside til April 30th, everyone I’ve seen outside would suddenly being inside non-stop. And for you idiot bicyclists out there: if you are riding in the streets and creating the extra traffic you are, then follow the rules of the road. Running through red lights is NOT the thing to do. I almost hit 2 idiots last week in separate incidents because they didn’t bother to slow down, they kept speed and went right through the red light. I had to hit my brakes really hard to avoid killing one of the two. No surprise – people who think they are above everything, are going to being stupid in ALL aspects of their life. I just wish I had hit that one. They definitely would have deserved it.

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