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Man paroled amid coronavirus concerns charged in fatal Denver shooting

cornelius haney Cropped
9News via the Colorado Department of Corrections

DENVER - A man suspected of killing a woman in Denver was released from prison three weeks before the slaying due to concerns over the coronavirus.

The Denver Post reports Cornelius Haney was released April 15 under powers granted to the Colorado Department of Corrections by Gov. Jared Polis. The governor’s order aims to speed up certain releases from the prison system to lower the population amid the pandemic.

Police arrested Haney on Monday in the fatal shooting of a 21-year-old woman in an alley in east Denver on May 9. He had a mandatory release date of Aug. 22. States across the country are trying to reduce their prison populations to prevent outbreaks of the virus.

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  1. According to CBS news, Haney was released early from his seven year sentence after pleading guilty to armed robbery in Arapahoe County in June of 2016. This is a good demonstration of how screwed up our system is, when he had become eligible for parole since 2017, but had not actually been paroled for good reason. And so as soon as he was released, he killed someone. Some offenders will become repeat offenders and take lives every time they are released, and there’s only one way to deal with them.

    1. RealityCheck (in name only), The quote from CBS news says
      ““Mr. Haney has been eligible for parole since 2017. His case was reviewed by the Parole Board, and he was approved for release.”

      You’ve added the phrase “for good reason”. Insinuating that you want people to think he was dangerous when you have no proof.

      1. If he was not paroled in 3 years, even though he was eligible, the parole board obviously had good reason to not release him, or he would have been released sooner. Simple logic…

  2. Two thoughts I am shocked that Cornelius would do this. I wonder if he was named after the character from planet of the apes?

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