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Colorado county voters pass nicotine, tobacco sales tax


Summit County residents have voted to pass a new sales tax to combat the use of nicotine and tobacco products.

The Summit Daily reported Tuesday that voters in the north-central Colorado county passed the ballot measure increasing the sales tax on cigarettes to $4 a pack along with a 40% tax increase for products including e-cigarettes and other vaping devices.

Officials say the tax includes a 10% annual increase for four years through 2024.

The tax is expected to go into effect Jan. 1 with the first 10% increase in January 2021.

Some studies show a cost increase is the most effective way to reduce use of these products. Multiple other counties including Pitkin, Eagle, Glenwood Springs and New Castle voted on similar measures.

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  1. for what?!?! it’s already taxes to high heaven!!! And the government isn’t doing what they were supposed to do with that money. What would make anyone think that this time will be different? STOP taxing an already oppressed populace. That trickle down economics hasn’t worked so far, when is it supposed to start working?

    1. Well they could not think of any thing else to tax even more and knew they could sell the idea to the voters. If they thought they could get away with it they would charge a toll on I-70 up there.

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