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Senate Intelligence Committee chair urges Biden to review decision to move Space Command

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The Chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence and Colorado Senator Michael Bennet, sent President Joe Biden a letter today requesting the administration review the methods used in the decision to move Space Command from Colorado Springs to Huntsville, Alabama.

Colorado officials have previously expressed concerns that the decision to move Space Command's headquarters from Colorado Springs was politically motivated by former President Donald Trump.

"As members of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, we are concerned this decision did not take into account how such a move may affect Intelligence Community (IC) dependencies and missions. We therefore request you review the process by which this decision was made, and to ensure IC equities are fully considered," the letter sent to Biden said.

In the letter signed by Sen. Bennet and Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Chairman Sen. Mark Warner, the committee points to construction costs being as high as $1.1 billion to move the SpaceCom headquarters.

"Workforce disruption is another key consideration, given the many defense and intelligence civilian employees and contractors working on space programs in Colorado at the highest levels of classification. Space is a critical national security issue, and we cannot squander time, talent, or money on unnecessary expenditures or delays," the letter states.

There are currently two ongoing investigations by the Department of Defense Inspector General and the U.S. Government Accountability Office into the decision to move Space Command out of Colorado.

If Space Command moves from Colorado Springs, the local chamber estimates the city will lose out on $450 million in economic output in the first year. The decision is not expected to be finalized for several years due to required environmental testing of the proposed headquarters site on Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville, Alabama.

The committee is asking Biden to review the parameters of the decision to ensure that the federal government is "spending resources in a manner that effectively meetings the accelerating pace of the threats to our overhead space capabilities."

Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. All they talk about is the upside to having the space command in Colorado springs. What’s the downside? There’s always a downside come on tell us what’s the downside. We know the increased growth it will bring to Colorado Springs is not needed that’s got to be a downside and I’m sure there are many others give us the truth.
    Doesn’t Colorado have enough military installations here? Maybe it’s actually better to have the space command in another region of the country. You know don’t put all your eggs in one basket, makes sense.

    1. Space command is already here. So it would not be any new. Just expand what they have here already.
      Government is already inefficient as it is. Having them all here working together is actually a benefit of efficiency and less waste.

  2. It’s already here, so why just let it go? Ya let’s just get rid of good paying jobs for military and civilians. Let’s get rid of an industry that attracts highly educated people. The support business whether high tech or not,that would hire (restaurants, grocery, mechanics, health clinics etc. Etc.)could go long way to bringing down unemployment. but nevermind, let’s just sit around and complain and collect unemployment.

  3. Colorado already has enough military installations to make us a prime target in the event of a war. There has been growing tensions between America and foreign super powers like Russia and China that could possibly lead to war. Instead of another military installation the focus should be on building civilian air raid shelters to protect the citizens of Colorado in the event of a major war breaking out.
    Building civilian air raid shelters would be a massive undertaking and would create numerous jobs which would be a big boost to the economy and lower unemployment. In a time of need these shelters would be of much more benefit than a front front range rail system or a space command center that many people neither want or need.
    At a time of war you can bet that demented Biden the fraud puppet and the radical Marxist Democrats that now occupy our government will be hiding and their shelters that are provided for them. Other countries do it for their civilian population America should start doing it as well especially if the demented fraud puppet is going to keep escalating tensions between America and other countries.

    1. You are just angry that with the ousting of Trump we are no longer Putin’s bit ch. True patriotic Americans do not bow down to Putin. If you are such a scared little rabbit maybe you could apply for asylum in Russia- I am sure they would welcome you.

      1. Did you know that under Trump we produced all our own natural gas and even sold some to other countries. Now that Biden is prez and killed pipelines and added other environmental regulations we are now buying natural gas from……Russia and Ukraine.
        So who has Russia benefited from more, Trump or Biden?
        Ohh wait. The Biden family has great ties to “energy ” companies in Russia, Ukraine and China. So now who else is benefiting from that. The Biden family.
        The truth can hurt.

        1. You do realize what a cyberattack is, correct? Our own intelligence agencies believe it was Dark Side that initiated the attack. Dark Side is linked to Russia. Russia is pissed that their puppet Trump did not get reelected. Biden shut down the Keystone pipeline. That will save American jobs. That oil was already being shipped by railroad workers and truckers. Building the pipeline will take approximately 2,000 workers two years to complete, after that it will take 35 workers to maintain the pipeline. Thousands of truckers and railroad workers would lose their jobs. It also crosses the Ogallala Aquifer, the largest aquifer in the United States, should there be a major accident drinking water for thousands of miles would be undrinkable. The price of water, more important than gas, would skyrocket. The Keystone pipeline only serves one purpose- to increase the profits of the oil companies at the expense of hard working Americans. Trump benefitted most from Russia.

  4. 1. There won’t BE another military installation. Not here, not in Alabama. If Space Force does move to Huntsville, it will be housed on Redstone Arsenal. If it stays here, it will be housed on Peterson, WHERE IT CURRENTLY RESIDES.

    1. Like I said earlier there is strategic reasons to not keep our military complexes grouped together. The old wisdom to not keep all your eggs in one basket.

      1. You act like we are planning on a new world war. The best place to have a safe installation is in the center of our country. It is harder to reach and we have more time to shoot down threats before it gets here. AND trust me we have redundancy so that we are not devastated if 1 city gets hit.

  5. 2. Your suggestion to build civilian bomb shelters is ludicrous. Space Force won’t be the target that you think it will be. Cheyenne Mountain is, and always has been since its inception, the real target threat here in Colorado Springs. Any strike on it will completely obliterate this area, and no bomb shelter, civilian or otherwise, would provide any meaningful shelter to its occupants in the case of a determined attack on this area.

  6. I disagree, utilizing America’s most brilliant engineers and scientists air raid shelters that were built and properly fortified could save countless lives.
    Of course since I believe in freedom of choice you can choose to sit out any bomb attacks in your backyard shed.
    Maybe today a space command center would not be a primary target but billions of dollars will be spent on a space command center in the coming years to equip them with new technologies and will be used for developing newer technologies to defend America that would make them become primary targets.

  7. I grew up here when we still had air raid sirens and we expected the Russians to drop a nuke on Cheyenne mountain. There were fall out shelters in church basements, and hospital basements, to name a few. But we all knew the city would be reduced to rubble if they dropped a bomb. China is a huge threat. They are already attacking us by using the media, cyber attacks, intellectual property theft, using certain politicians and certain corporations to aid their economic war against us. They’ve convinced certain segments of our population that America is bad and china good. So many friends and relatives of our politicians serving on boards of Chinese companies. Shelters can’t safe us from that.

  8. I remember the Army’s training of an impeding, within the next 24 hours, nuclear attack were to occur. We were taught to each dig our own 6 foot deep foxhole and get into the bottom of it and get in a fetal position until after the strike occurred. Interestingly enough, that is the same depth a coffin is buried.

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