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Passenger reaction to sneezing person causes plane to divert to Denver

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DENVER (AP) - Passengers' fears over the possible spread of the coronovirus appear to be the cause of a plane's unscheduled landing.

Officials say a group of people became disruptive because a neighboring passenger was coughing and sneezing on Sunday's flight from Eagle County, Colorado, to Newark International Airport.

The United Airlines plane diverted to Denver, where police officials told KUSA-TV three people were removed who were upset about the passenger who they thought was sick. United officials told KCNC-TV that the passenger was sneezing due to allergies, did not have a fever and was allowed to continue on the flight.

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  1. Sick of hearing about the Royals, especially Harry & Meagan. Harry has always been a rebel and didnt want to conform to anything. Who is surprised at any of his behavior?

    1. Then find an article about them, and post your opinion there. This has to do with 3 m0r0ns that should be charged the cost of the plane having to be diverted, and the cost to any other patrons that may have missed their flights, meetings, etc…

  2. Charge them for the cost of fuel, wage, cost of the plane crew, plus an amount for every other passenger that was inconvenience because of their ridiculous actions. If anyone had to incur any other costs, missed flights, hotel reservations, etc., then they should be responsible for those costs as well.

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