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Two arrested for stealing catalytic converters in north Colorado Springs


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - Two men were arrested early Wednesday for stealing catalytic converters in north Colorado Springs.

Just before 4 a.m. Wednesday, Colorado Springs police went to East Woodmen Road for calls that two people were stealing catalytic converters in the area. The caller said the two drove off in an older Chevy Tahoe SUV with a motorcycle strapped to the back.

A short time later, CSPD said the Colorado State Patrol saw the vehicle driving south on I-25 and taking the Fillmore Street exit. Troopers and CSPD officers conducted a traffic stop and said they could see the catalytic converters in the back seat.

Michael Adelsperger, 56, and Anthony Portnova, 36, were arrested.

The investigation is ongoing.

Brittany Wiley



  1. Want to stop catalytic converter thefts? Make it illegal for metal recyclers to buy them.

    1. my thoughts exactly- charge them with receiving stolen goods. THEY KNOW when someone shows up with a bunch of catalytic converters- they did not just find them in a dump. They all have fresh “cut marks” on them. This s a terrible blow to any person or business that has been a victim. And the thieves are only getting about $100. for these. The replacement cost is astronomical.

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