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District Attorney files motion for court to reconsider sentence of I-70 truck driver


GOLDEN, Colo. (KRDO) -- The First Judicial District Attorney's Office filed a motion for the court to reconsider the sentence for the truck driver sentenced to more than 100 years for causing a deadly crash on I-70 in 2019.

In a news release sent to 9News, First Judicial District Attorney Alexis King said the motion was filed Friday, Dec. 17:

"As Colorado law required the imposition of the sentence in this case, the law also permits the Court to reconsider its sentence in an exceptional case involving unusual and extenuating circumstances. The People brought this option to the Court’s attention at the initial sentencing. C.R.S. 18-1.3-406(1)(a) permits this review after the receipt of a report on the Defendant’s diagnosis and evaluation. Now that the Defendant has been sentenced, the People again request the Court set a hearing as soon as practicable upon the receipt of the report. Consistent with the People and the Court’s obligation under the Victim Rights Amendment, the People have begun conferring with the victims in this case to obtain and consider their input in advance of the Court’s hearing and notify them of the date determined by the Court. The People intend to file supplemental information prior to the hearing."

Alexis King
District Attorney

Rogel Aguilera-Mederos was sentenced to 110 years in prison on Friday, Dec. 14. During the sentencing hearing, the judge said he was bound to the mandatory-minimum sentencing laws in Colorado.

According to 9News, Governor Jared Polis said his office received an application for clemency from Aguilera-Mederos' attorney Monday afternoon. Tuesday, Polis said his legal team was reviewing the application.

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  1. Sounds to me like the law requiring such sentences to be served consecutively is what needs to be revisited. There are times when it really doesn’t make sense. But that’s our great justice system.

    1. Wouldn’t need any of those sentencing laws if we didn’t have so many judges who give ridiculously low sentences out.

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