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Arrest affidavit: victim alleges Ex-Manitou Springs teacher repeatedly sexually assaulted her

MANITOU SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Newly released court documents obtained by KRDO outline the alleged sexual assault of a student by former Manitou Springs High School teacher Timothy Hilt.

The 35-year-old former English teacher faces one count of Sexual Assault on a Child by One in a Position of Trust.

The affidavit says the victim, now 22, was allegedly sexually assaulted by Hilt when she was 15.

According to the arrest affidavit by the Manitou Springs Police Department, the inappropriate relationship between Hill and the then-underage victim began in 2013 when she was 13.

The court documents say the victim told police that she met Hilt when she was a freshman in his class in 2013. Over the next year and a half, the victim told investigators she and Hilt spent "a lot of time together away from school," and that they began using Facebook Messenger to communicate.

In the affidavit, the victim recounts a January 2015 incident in the library when Hilt invited her to sit next to him. During that interaction, the victim claims Hilt made a lot of "jokes" and "spoke weirdly, calling her beautiful" before asking her to give him her phone.

The victim told MSPD she complied because he was a teacher. After giving Hilt her phone, court documents say Hilt put his hand on her knee. The victim described the exchange as "awkward and inappropriate" to investigators and said she "became confused due to her being 15 years of age at the time."

According to court documents, the victim told officers other teachers and students saw them sitting together.

In the affidavit, the victim went on to say she was first allegedly sexually assaulted by Hilt for the first time on March 12, 2015. The affidavit says Hilt allegedly told the victim to stay in his classroom and he locked the classroom door from the outside, preventing her from leaving.

According to court documents, the victim told investigators he left her there for about an hour and a half before he returned. The documents allege that when Hilt came back, he began sexually assaulting her and continued despite her cries.

After the assault, the court documents say Hilt told the victim not to say anything. In the affidavit, the victim told police she was "scared and confused since he was her teacher and she trusted him."

According to the documents, the victim told police the alleged sexual assaults continued inside of the school, saying there were occasions when Hilt would call her out of her classes he wasn't teaching, "for the purpose of sexually assaulting her."

According to the affidavit, that the assaults took place in a different classroom across the hall, inside a camera closet in the library, and the school parking lot inside of Hilt's car.

In the documents, the victim told police that Hilt chaperoned a trip to Denver in the spring of 2015. During that trip, the victim told investigators Hilt invited her into his hotel room when she was supposed to be attending sessions for the week and allegedly assaulted her.

Over the summer, Hilt reportedly contacted the victim and gave her assignments so she would come to the school and he could assault her.

In the affidavit, the victim told police she believes she was assaulted approximately 2-3 times a week during the 2015 part of the school year. During the summer of 2015, the victim told police she was assaulted about once a week. In total, the affidavit says the victim believes she was sexually assaulted a total of 40 times.

In the court documents, police say witnesses corroborated the victim's story. One witness, a friend of the victim, provided screenshots of the conversations between them and Hilt, including messages where Hilt included "details about the sexual nature of the relationship."

The affidavit also included an interview with a former employee who described Hilt's interactions with students as "maybe more personal than needed." The employee told officers Hilt's relationship with the victim was "closer than the rest of the students due to how much time they spent together," and that he was concerned for off-school events where Hilt was left alone with students. The employee told officers he told Hilt to "stay in public view, and not go alone with students."

According to court documents, police interviewed the victim's mother and discovered she knew about the alleged sexual assaults but did not come forward due to "not wanting to ruin [redacted]'s education or future after school."

According to the affidavit, the victim's mother told officers "she felt it was her way of protecting her daughter at the time but did have prior knowledge of her daughter being sexually assaulted."

In the affidavit, the victim's mother says she confronted Hilt about the alleged sexual assaults, but Hilt did not say anything. She told officers she "expressed her desire for him to quit his job, move away, and never talk to her daughter ever again." The next day, the victim's mother says Hilt resigned from his teaching position and moved away.

Investigators confirmed Hilt resigned from the Manitou Springs School District in 2016.

In addition to being a teacher, Hilt was also listed as an advisor for the Manitou Springs High School newspaper, The Prospector. Court documents also suggest Hilt coached the girl on a sports team at Manitou Springs High School. Hilt was a cross country runner at UCCS before working for the school district.

On Nov. 19, Hilt, 35, was arrested in Routt County for Sexual Assault on a Child by One in a Position of Trust.

KRDO reached out to Hilt on Wednesday and spoke with him briefly by phone. When this reporter identified himself, Hilt immediately hung up the phone.

Hilt was released on bond and is expected to be in court on Dec. 6.

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Spencer Soicher

Spencer is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. Hopefully the police are investigating where he was employed before this and where he has been employed since. People who commit these crimes against children usually look for new victims, so seek jobs where they have positions of authority over minors.

  2. This link won’t go through as I had to add a space for it to post here, but I wonder if it’s possible this is a family member.

    So, the ages are wrong for it to be the same person, but the resemblance is enough, is it possible this is a family member? I guess it’s more than possible that two people with the same slightly unusual name both engaged in crimes against children, it is just that widespread these days. orn-charges/article_5c84d623-23f8-5c83-90bc-c379aeff5fb3.html

    1. I had thought that perhaps one source or the other transposed the two digits of his age, but it turns out that the middle initials of the two people are different. So the coincidence is amazing. And perhaps you’re right that they may be related, possibly even father and son.

  3. Let me first start by saying it is Never ok to do what she alleges.
    Some things just do not add up for me.
    -Mom knew about it but did nothing because she was concerned for her education….. Its Manitou HS not Harvard. Sounds like mom is recalling what her daughter told her to and she said she knew so it wouldn’t seem like child neglect or she didn’t care.
    -She was confused because she was only 15 and this happened. Many HS girls think they are 15 going on 22.
    -She waited all this time to say anything or come out about it even after graduating.
    -The Hotel room deal. She could of not gone to his room and just went to the cl@ss as she was supposed to. He invited her but she makes it seem as if she was forced.
    -The victim is now 22 and this happened when she was 15. So many people jump on the I was @ssaulted bandwagon when they were older for attention(not saying this is true here but it happens a lot when they grow up and have a miserable life they go back in time to justify their bad life with something)
    I don’t think the teachers actions were acceptable but something does not sound right.
    ” then-underage victim began in 2013 when she was 13″…”she met Hilt when she was a freshman in his cl@ss in 2013.”
    Is she a child prodigy being a 13 year old freshmen? then went to 15 so…. a junior or senior…
    Again not saying it didn’t happen, I just see a lot of holes and inconsistencies. Maybe it is the reporter botching the article. But to wait 7 years then come out with this seem odd when if she said one thing back then he would of been fired and gone completely from her life and her education her mother was so worried about would of continued no problem.

    1. You’re falling right into the traps predators want you to fall into.

      They intentionally choose vulnerable children that they can confuse and that they can shame and discredit, or whose families they can intimidate and discredit. Many victims of this kind of crime avoid reporting for obvious reasons, and then something later triggers a report. Often as they enter adulthood they see other young people in danger from other predators and they recognize that the pattern of potential abuse is the same as what they lived through, and the story comes out.
      We can’t know until a trial happens whether this is a mistaken or fault accusation, but there is nothing about the complainant’s story that lacks credibility.

    2. Viral, l was a 13 year old freshman who turned 14 later in the year. I skipped 3rd grade. People have reasons for waiting and shouldn’t be judged for doing so. Enough with the victim blaming. Self-righteousness is never attractive!

  4. I have to agree with Viral- something is not right with this story. I can see the child not bringing up the abuse until she became an adult out of fear or not wanting to be talked about at school. The mother allowing the abuse of her own child is unbelievable. If it is true the mother should be prosecuted as well for child abuse and go to prison.The teacher should go to prison if there was any type of adult relationship with this child . This is a very strange story.

    1. I don’t read the story as the mother allowing ongoing abuse. I read it as she did know her daughter had been abused, but she did not report it (and that potentially at this point he was no longer at the school). Manitou is a magnet school, people bring their kids there when they want them to have opportunities but they can’t afford a private school. If the mother thought her child would have to lose those opportunities in addition to have been the victim of a crime, I can see not risking reporting it. Predators put themselves into positions of power so they can find families that are lower in resources and easier to victimize. We won’t know until prosecution and trial if this is a valid accusation, but there’s nothing about the allegations that are suspect, this is actually the way a lot of as sault situations look, unfortunately.

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