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Family of Pueblo man shot by Denver Police hold rally in remembrance

PUEBLO, Colo. (KRDO) -- In June, Duane Manzanares was shot and killed by Denver Police officers. Tonight, the family is search for answers after they say police haven't contacted them since the incident.

"They haven't even released any footage to us. We have had any police footage released. We haven't found out about his property, anything. There is no communication. We had to find out by the Internet that he had passed away," Duane's mother, Mary Ann Medina-Trujillo said.

On June 13, Denver police responded to the area of East Colfax Ave. and Uinta St. around 5:30 p.m. Officers had received reports of a man firing shots into a vehicle.

Officers arrived at the scene and found the man suspected of firing the shots on Yosemite St. Officers approached the man, who they say had a gun in his waistband. According to DPD, the man threatened officers with the weapon.

Moments later, DPD officers fired multiple shots at the subject, later identified as Manzanares. Officers then began providing aid before he was taken to an area hospital.

Denver Police Officer Matt Clark said, "They recognized that he was not responding to their direction, and they were concerned that he was going to draw and fire the hand gun at the officers as he moved his hand towards his waist."

The family of Duane Manzanares said they want an update on the investigation. The hope for them is to get more information on what exactly happened in Denver on that fateful day.

"We don't even know who the police officers were that shot him. They haven't given their names. They are all shielded and protected behind their badges but we are out here in the open trying to get answers," Mary Ann Medina-Trujillo said.

Duane's girlfriend, Lareina Ford, has expressed frustration with the process and says she will continue to demand answers.

"Until we hear something back and something is done. Yeah, we are going to keep on protesting," Ford said.

In June, Denver Police placed the three officers involved on a modified duty assignment. The Denver District Attorneys Office is handling the ongoing investigation.

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  1. Does the family not understand, shooting a gun at cars is not something you can do and when you do and the police show up and ask you to stop and you don’t, well then they stop you.

  2. Who has the LACK of Understanding, that if Law Enforcement Officers Gives A Command, OBEY And LIVE To DEBATE LATER In Court?? Most of these incidences happen in front of Witnesses With Camera enabled Phones and many officers are Wearing Body Cams, so the officers are Less Likely to shoot unless REASONS are Provoked!! Like wowreally wrote, “protest somewhere else”.

  3. They are looking for a big payday from any lawsuit that they can file against the police.

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