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‘American Quilt Project’ aims to highlight Coloradans’ similarities

american quilt project Cropped

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A Colorado artist is doing his part to highlight our similarities at a time when we've seen much division in our nation.

Andy Lurie is based in Denver but was photographing various people at Garden of the Gods last week for a collection he calls "The American Quilt Project." The idea is to stitch together thousands of portraits into a larger image.

"I was feeling a lot of division in the air and I wanted to do something to contribute to make things feel a little better, to make people see that we all belong together," Lurie said.

Lurie's been at it for years now, and you can see the similar expressions in people of all races and ages as you scroll through the Instagram timeline. With the COVID-19 pandemic, those blushing faces and smiles have been covered up by masks in recent portraits.

See the collection on Instagram at @theamericanquilt.

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