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Colorado Springs woman tracks down her stolen puppy

Junior missing puppy

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- A 12-week-old pitbull puppy is back home with his family after being taken from right in front of his home.

After days of searching and filing police reports, Brandy Trejo took matters into her own hands to find Junior, the puppy.

"I would do anything to get my dog back," Trejo told KRDO's Dani Fried.

Trejo and her family were heartbroken to find Junior had escaped from the backyard after being let out on Sunday morning.

After searching for hours, they learned from a neighbor that Junior didn't just run away.

"These two men pulled up and said 'hey that's my neighbor's dog,' and pretty much just snatched him and took off," said Trejo.

She and her husband then realized a neighbor had cameras that may have caught the dognappers.

The security footage showed two vehicles stopped right at the intersection in front of her home. The license plate number was clear in the video, along with Junior being loaded into the car.

"I called a private investigator to find my dog and sure enough I found the address all the way in Falcon," said Trejo.

With the police on the phone, Trejo confronted the thieves herself.

"I went and knocked on the door and showed them a flyer. I said, 'Hey have you seen my dog because I heard from someone in your neighborhood that you got a new dog that looks just like mine.' She said they did have him. They said they were planning on dropping him back off after the storm. But if you were going to do that, why would you buy him a new collar and new bowls? They were not planning on giving him back," said Trejo.

Police told KRDO that citizens are urged to leave it up to officers when it comes to lost or stolen pets. But this was a positive outcome thanks to a neighbor's security system.

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Dani Fried

Dani is a weekend GMC anchor and reporter for KRDO. Learn more about Dani here.



  1. Police said, “to leave it up to officers..”. lol
    Nothing would of been done. Per CSPD a crime like this is a very low priority and they won’t investigate it because the dog is worth less than $5k. So leaving it to officers would accomplish nothing.
    I had a very expensive trailer stolen and they gave me a report so I could file an insurance claim. I asked if they would investigate or put a BOLO out for the trailer and they said NO. Officer said, “I will be honest. Unless it is found during another crime we will not be looking for it.”. I got the feeling that it was a great inconvenience for him to even come and give me the report. Such great customer/community service….. not.

    1. They have too many murders, missing children, armed robberies, and car thefts to investigate. Maybe you should have had it more securely locked up.

      It’s not would of. It’s either would have or would’ve.

    1. Micro-chipping only works when someone takes an animal to a vet to get scanned. A stolen dog probably isnt getting scanned..
      And why are you trolling someone for getting their trailer stolen or over a grammatical error?

  2. Another dangerous pitbull in the city. These dogs are known to attack suddenly and without warning, even family members. Ban all dogs from the city, they are dirty, noisey and potentially dangerous. Most dog owners are irresponsible dirty, inconsiderate, self centered people who think everyone should tolerate their filthy mutts. Hope it has a short life.

  3. I don’t normally like pit bulls, but this pup is beautiful. Please keep a close eye on him and anything that may be thrown into your yard. I’m happy you have him back and hope he lives a happy & healthy life.

    There are a lot of CREEPS out there more now than ever, including NoShillZone, who obviously has some deep-seeded issues. This is a sociopath who will hurt animals and people.

    I do wonder why the local humane society has more pit bulls than any other breed of dog at any given time. Why is this?? Where are all of these pits coming from? From rescue groups bringing them back from high-kill shelters in New Mexico, Denver, etc? I don’t understand why we are inundated with pits..

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