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KRDO’s Tuesday Afternoon Pet of the Week

Barn Tracy_1533171

If you have a barn or ranch, please allow us to place a barn cat to help you with your rodent problem. This week, we’re featuring Barn Tracy as our spokescat. This pretty girl is a 1-year-old, spayed female who came to us a little over a month ago. Some barn cats can be handled, but we have others who would prefer to do their job, stay warm in your barn, and love you from a distance. Barn Tracy and all barn cats are free to an owner in need. If you’re looking for more than one barn cat, Barn Tracy does get along with our other two barn cats who are currently available, Barn Charlie and Barn Elijah. Our community cat coordinator says the three will make a perfect and very useful trio!

Additional topic: kitnapping & bottle babies

Want to know more about barn cats?  Visit or visit in person at 4600 Eagleridge Place, Pueblo. Adoption hours are 12 pm – 4:30 pm. 719-544-3005.

Justin Hart

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