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US officials: Anxiety drove vaccine reactions in 5 states

NEW YORK (AP) - U.S. health officials have concluded that it was anxiety - and not a problem with the coronavirus vaccine - that caused apparent reactions in dozens of people earlier this month.

Experts say the clusters are an example of a phenomenon that’s been chronicled for decades from variety of different vaccines.

Basically, some people get so freaked out by injections that their anxiety spurs physical symptoms.

Many of the 64 people affected either fainted or reported dizziness. Some got nauseous or vomited. A few had racing hearts or chest pain. None got seriously ill.

The report said it happened in California, Colorado, Georgia, Iowa and North Carolina.

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  1. Ohh anxiety… sure. What a joke of an article. It is all propaganda to cover side affects and reactions to the shot. Im sure that anxiety caused blood clots……. not so much.

    1. Note that there was no claim about blood clots being cased by anxiety. But you don’t want to hear the truth, especially when it doesn’t suit your ignorant agenda.

  2. Give me a break…Covid 2020– a blatant massive extortion racket for big pharma and their criminal doctor and public health friends that is raining misery on hundreds of millions of people worldwide, uncritically accepted by the privileged, nominally educated people who are participating in and actively promoting mass medical experimentation and child abuse.

    “Honey, come look! I have found alarming evidence that all the so-called ‘top scientists’ advising our murderous government are working for the private interests of a self-proclaimed depopulationist and eugenicist multi-billionaire.”

    A real pandemic wouldn’t require a 24/7 marketing campaign.

    “Public health” in the U.S. is a political program of crushing dissenting voices that stand in the way of Pharma profits. It has nothing to do with the actual health of the public. Stop believing in a government that has never shown concern for you before and that now wants to “treat” you with a medical system that’s the third leading cause of death.

    But hey, we are to believe it took viruses 4 billion years, co-evolving with cells, plants, and animals to finally find a mutation that forces an advanced species to always wear masks, permanently socially isolate, and be vaccinated twice a year?

    I believe that people with immense wealth and power conspire.If you still cannot fathom that people with immense wealth and power conspire, then that doesn’t make me a “conspiracy theorist” — it makes you a coincidence theorist. And an idiot.

    1. “A real pandemic wouldn’t require a 24/7 marketing campaign.”
      As long as there are people like you who continue to defy scientific advice, everything possible is needed to persuade everyone to get vaccinated so we can achieve herd immunity in a reasonable amount of time.
      We have evolved past relying solely on nature alone to provide immunity. Most of us have developed superior intelligence, which has allowed us to develop techniques to help nature on its course. Those who don’t have the intelligence will either fall by the wayside or will continue to struggle with reality until they recognize their own shortcomings.

      1. What would you do with yourself if these comment sections were shutdown? How could you show off your “superior intelligence”? You may be educated but you’re still a fool RealityCheck. That is a FACT.

  3. Like I stated previously: I really like you Dr. Reality…you just keep coming after me. It shows your extreme intelligence…so far above mine. I appreciate your sense of humor too. (sarcasm intended)

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