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Colorado Springs Walmarts mistakenly require customers to wear masks Friday

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Face covering confusion took over Colorado Springs Walmart locations Friday, as shoppers navigated mixed messages from the major retailer.

Walmart had greeters at the entrances of the 8th Street and Platte Ave. locations with boxes of masks ready for customers on Friday. Employees told Colorado Springs shoppers they'd have to put one on to enter the store. Customers reacted one of two ways.

“I think masks are overrated and they don’t do anything. I’m never going to wear one," said Walmart shopper Lee Lacey.

But others were unbothered by the potential policy reversal.

“I’m okay with it," said Walmart customer Roshan Dhakal. "If they require it and think it’s safe for the public, I will wear it.”

We asked store employees about the new policy and were told the notice came from corporate bosses on Friday. One employee at the Platte Ave. location said the requirement is in response to the growing number of delta variant cases in the country. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued guidance for mask-wearing earlier this week and recommended that El Paso County residents wear masks.

Walmart earlier announced that all employees would be required to wear masks again, but the statement didn't mention that masks were mandatory for customers.

A regional spokesperson for Walmart confirmed that policy on Friday, telling Newschannel 13 that Walmart is stopping short of requiring masks for vaccinated shoppers. However, signage will be placed on Walmart entrances soon to remind shoppers of the CDC's recent recommendation that people in 'high transmission areas' wear masks indoors regardless of vaccination status.

Kroger is taking up the same policy. The grocery chain is strongly encouraging everyone to wear masks indoors, but is not requiring it. Costco's website says it will follow local and state mask guidelines. Neither Gov. Jared Polis nor the El Paso County Health Department have issued new mask guidance following the CDC's recent recommendation.

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    1. Must suck to be lied to by your president. “Get the vaccine and lose your mask”. You better wear a mask for the rest of your life buddy; even if you’re vaccinated you can still be a just stay home you scared little thing.

      1. I have been “at home” since May/2018. I only go out for medical stuff. I mask up. I am not anti-vax. I am hoping that Novavax will be available via EUA in the 3rd quarter. I will take that.
        I have serious health conditions. I am not overweight. I even have to have a rigid diet to consume enough calories. This is why I am not yet “vaccinated”.

        1. You have every reason to be cautious about being vaccinated, given your medical conditions. I hope you’ll feel free to get vaccinated when you feel more confident in the vaccine you can get, even though I think you are being a bit over-cautious. But I might also be if I was in your shoes.

        2. So everybody should have to mask to protect you because you happen to have health issues? Huh sounds kinda like the definition of selfish?

  1. Not for me…who needs Walmart anyway?
    Another thumbs up for this:

  2. Ridiculous . This is because irresponsible people wouldn’t get the shot!!! They will shut us down again. There is no good excuse for not be vaccinated !


      It cites a combination of recently obtained, still-unpublished data from outbreak investigations and outside studies showing that vaccinated individuals infected with delta may be able to transmit the virus as easily as those who are unvaccinated. Vaccinated people infected with delta have measurable viral loads similar to those who are unvaccinated and infected with the variant.

    2. Can you tell everyone what the 1 year, 2 year, 5 year or longer side effects of this vaccine will be? Then how about the booster shots? Every since I’ve stopped get the flu vaccine, I’ve never had a bad flu, just minor fever, sore throats. Personally, I’m not willing to be a Human Guinea Pig.

      1. You are still being a human guinea pig by being in the “control group” (i.e. unvaccinated). It’s a question of which group fares better overall, and over a longer period of time.

    3. Actually they are starting to find vaccinated are becoming infected more and spreading just as easily. So maybe we should say it is because the irresponsible GOT the shot, you will shut us down again…….Oh and enjoy your booster every 6 months for the rest of your life. I’ll rely on my good ole immune system.

    1. I am currently feeling the same as you.
      Obesity is an epidemic here in the US-
      being obese causes you to live in a constant state of inflammation.

      1. Almost everyone of the patients on the news who either died or is real sick, look like they could stand to lost 100 lbs or more. Most of them look this way even after spending weeks or months in the hospital. So I always wondered what they looked like before they were admitted.

        1. And most Covid patients get sicker after entering the hospital. There is currently no cure, so those whose bodies give out (for whatever reason) before they manage to fight off the infection, end up dying.

      1. You information keep flip flopping as bad as Fauci and the Biden Administration.

  3. Their business their choice. I prefer not to buy chinese junk anyways.

  4. My biggest issue with masking is the sheer amount of new waste we have created. Disposable masks & gloves are now showing up in the ocean. We are using more single use disposable items then ever before. Future generations are going suffer greatly from this.

  5. LOL some of the comments on here prove why they won’t wear a mask. At least this virus is killing off the idiots.

  6. It’s just your typical thinning of the herd. It happens in the animal kingdom all the time the weak and unhealthy are singled out for elimination.

  7. In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act. –George Orwell. I don’t consider “the experts” like Biden, Fauci & Co. to be credible sources. There is no US government at the moment, only an installed criminal regime. The pandemic that has gone global is fraud, corruption and deceit. So…with that said everyone who speaks so eloquently within in the “right” will finally be held accountable for the speak and actions. Also, lies do not work forever. Eventually, people see through. “You have been weighed, you have been measured, and you have been found wanting” (From the movie Knights Tale). This phrase appears to have been taken from the Biblical account of King Nebuchadnezzar in Chapter 5 of the book of Daniel. Any of you with any Biblical knowledge know the outcome of this Scripture…not a good outcome with Nebuchadnezzar as it will be with those who have followed the lies of this “scamdemic”. Just sayin…

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