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Police: Man tried to set fire in Colorado Springs ballot box

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COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Police in Colorado Springs need help finding a man, who tried to insert a flaming piece of paper into a ballot box outside of Centennial Hall on South Cascade Avenue.

Colorado Springs Police said it happened on October 28th. Investigators were called the morning after the incident to review surveillance video.

"We were notified by El Paso County security, saying they had video of an individual who had lit a piece of paper on fire the night before," Lt. James Sokolik said.

According to police, a man walked up to the ballot box with a rolled up piece of paper he lit on fire. The man put the flaming paper inside the ballot box, but it self-extinguished once it was inside.

"Good news is there is no damage to any of the ballots."

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's Office also confirmed to KRDO that none of the ballots were damaged. They said the ballot box itself is designed to withstand these types of incidents, as air-tight containers with low oxygen levels.

Police said this is the only incident in Colorado Springs they are aware of at this time.

"What we're asking the public's help for, is identifying this individual."

If found, the suspect would face charges of tampering with a ballot box, a felony crime.

If you have information, call 719-444-7000.

Andrew McMillan



  1. “Colorado Springs Police say it happened in late October, and investigators were called on October 29th to review surveillance video footage of the incident.”
    So why was this not reported at the time it happened?

    1. Exactly!! My guess is because people woud have freaked out and caused an international incident.

  2. And we just hearing about this now?????????…..If they were unattended…that means these boxes are invalid and void

      1. If you read any news other then CNN of BSNBC you would realize that there is substantial evidence of voter fraud and lawsuits have been filed in PA, GA, NV, and AZ. Because of this widespread voter fraud, Biden has not won anything, meaning he is not President-Elect. I would suggest that you read some of the lawsuits and see for yourself.

      1. Says Right in the Middle. Is that middle Progressive who still believes Trump never actually won in 2016 because Russia Russia Russia?

  3. I’m dyin for them to catch this fool, mainly cuz i wanna know what party he is aligned with…….just need to pop some popcorn first.

    1. You don’t need to wait until he is caught. Wearing all black with his face covered like a coward should be an indication of which party he supports.

  4. Why did they wait so long to let the public know of this?

    “Good news is there is no damage to any of the ballots.”

    Really? This stinks to high heaven of a cover up.

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