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Gov. Polis calls on Coloradans to only interact with household members in November

polis presser mask

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis is giving an update and answering questions about the state's rising number of COVID-19 cases Thursday.

Watch below starting around 12:30 p.m.

Counties across Colorado have seen a new spike in COVID-19 cases, and several areas have had significant increases in two-week incidence rates. El Paso County, Denver County, and Pueblo County are all above 350 incidents per 100,000 people, which is the threshold for a potential return to stay at home orders.

Gov. Polis said the state has now surpassed its highest level of hospitalized patients due to COVID-19. The current number of 894 exceeds numbers seen in the beginning of the pandemic.

State Epidemiologist Dr. Rachel Herlihy and Gov. Polis asked Coloradans to do three things for the entire month of November:

  • Only interact with members of your household. Don't go to any public gatherings.
  • Keep your distance if you do have to go out.
  • Always wear a mask if you have to go out.

According to new models presented, if the state continues at its current rate of transmission and hospitalizations, Colorado could be at risk of exceeding ICU capacity by December.

For El Paso County hospitalizations, data from the County Health Department's website shows that as of Wednesday there are 74 COVID-19 positive hospitalizations. A UC Health spokesperson says their hospitals have not gone above the amount of hospitalizations they saw in April. As of Thursday they have a little more than 50 COVID-19 hospitalizations. In April, they had 57.

However, they say if it reaches the point where they need more beds, they may postpone non-emergency surgeries.

Polis said that with 1 in 100 Coloradans being contagious with COVID-19, it's important to heed those recommendations. However, those are just recommendations, and Gov. Polis' office or the Department of Public Health and Environment haven't enacted any stricter guidelines statewide in response to the rise.

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  1. I am pretty sure we are past the 30day emergency deceleration time frame and so it has to come from the legislature. Polis emergency powers are now null. So good luck with that.

    1. This is what I thought as well. Was there some extension granted to his “emergency” powers?

  2. I’ll be having a big block party, inviting dozens to my house and there isn’t a damn thing you can do about it. Ill do what I please, invite whoever, and id love to see you show up and stop me.

  3. Do your job. Lock it down. When these idiots loose their jobs then they might get the hint. I say might because I doubt some of them have 2 brain cells to rub together.

    1. His job isn’t be a dictator and do what ever he wants. That’s not how it works.🙄🙄🙄

    2. Crashing the economy and harming the citizens of CO is not his job. That’s actually pretty much exactly the opposite of his job.

      1. He doesn’t care. He’s a dictator. And the irony is that Democrats call Trump a dictator, and he’s never done anything close to locking us in our houses!

    3. Goodness sakes, take a look around you, man! How many healthy people do you see dropping dead from this?! I have 4 relatives, all over 60 who had this! All treat their bodies like crap and never eat antioxidants and drink like fish, and none suffered any serious consequences.

    4. What a great idea you stupid fool. Yes, let’s create more stress! Go look up what stress can do you stupid sheep before you open your mouth! You stay home and please stay away from the grocery store.

  4. Right, Strip this guy of his emergency powers and get our kids back in school. This guy is a criminal politician and gravely misusing data and making dashboards that are meaningless.

    Re-Call election soon!

  5. “Only interact with members of your household.”
    Officer: “Sir, I stopped you for speeding. I need your driver’s license.”
    Citizen: No interaction with officer, at the direction of the Governor.
    Officer: “Sir? You need to talk to me and provide your paperwork?”
    Citizen: No interaction with officer, at the direction of the Governor.

    1. My mother died this week from Covid.

      I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, but apparently you are very eager for it to happen to your mom too?

      1. Liar! I had a friend die because someone hit him while they were texting and driving. Are you willing to give up your cell phone?
        I see fools wearing masks AND texting while driving. I swear you can’t make up how stupid some of you people are. I’m protecting you by wearing a mask but I’m going to continue to text and drive. How effin stupid are you?

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