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Colorado Springs man faces murder charges after crash kills 3-year-old child


PARK COUNTY, Colo. (KRDO) -- A man has been arrested in connection to a fatal crash involving a 3-year-old child.

On Nov. 9, 2021, the Colorado State Patrol says 37-year-old Juan Huante Juarez was passing several vehicles on Highway 9 near the town of Alma in a no-passing zone.

According to the Summit Daily, Huante Juarez, of Colorado Springs, crossed into the northbound lane near mile marker 72 and collided head-on with a family from Breckenridge in a Honda Pilot.

The Summit Daily reports Huante Juarez and his passenger suffered minor injuries and were taken to a nearby hospital. According to the Colorado State Patrol, the driver of the Honda suffered serious injuries and a 3-year-old child died. Five people were injured in the crash, including another child.

Huante Juarez now faces several charges including Murder in the First Degree - Extreme Indifference, Child Abuse Acts Knowingly or Recklessly and Caused Death to a Child, Vehicular Homicide - Operated a Motor Vehicle in a Reckless Manner and is the Proximate Cause of Death to Another, and Passed on Left When Not Clear to Traffic.

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  1. ugghh-he needs to go and be seated for a sum of years.
    Hopefully if convicted and sentenced he will not be the person he is currently.
    He took someone’s child away-hurt another one, as well as other people-Now here, is where those enhanced sentence charges are supposed to work.
    Not on that truck driver.
    I am glad he got righteous judgment. He still has to spend many years in prison.

    1. Or he could be someone who family has been here since the 1600’s. As, you know, the Spanish have been in Colorado since the 1500’s, with settlements that followed.

  2. 1st degree what??? its vehicular manslaughter at best I swear those high mountain Small town DA’s are incredibly stupid, they always over charge their suspect and thusly garner support for him because he is being treated unfairly.

    1. I’d rather hear the opinion of a real lawyer. Some uninformed “opinions” are also incredibly stupid.

    1. Remember that the Governor only stepped in because our great legal system didn’t allow the prosecutors or the judge to impose a reduced sentence in that case, which is quite different from this one.

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