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Some UCHealth employees push back against COVID-19 vaccine mandate


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Some UCHealth employees tell 13 Investigates they are furious with the health care system's new requirement for them to get the COVID-19 vaccine.

UCHealth announced on Wednesday that employees that don't get vaccinated by October 1 could be fired.

Employees who wish to remain anonymous said they don't believe they should be mandated to get a vaccine that is not fully approved by the FDA. One employee tells 13 Investigates the large health care system is taking away their power and rights by not giving them a choice if they want to keep their jobs.

“Vaccination is incredibly important for us to utilize," Dr. Michelle Barron, with UCHealth, told our partners at 9News.

If employees aren't vaccinated by September 3, they will receive notice of disciplinary action. 85% of UCHealth employees across the state are already fully vaccinated, according to a spokesperson.

UCHealth employees can apply for a medical or religious vaccine exemption. If an employee is granted that exemption by the hospital system they will be required to wear a mask and get a COVID-19 test weekly.

“I anticipate there will be some individuals that may choose to make alternative plans for what they do but we’re hoping that they understand the intent at the end of the day is for their safety," Barron said.

A similar vaccine requirement at a hospital in Houston sparked protests in June. 153 people were fired or quite from the Texas hospital after refusing to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The former employees are currently appealing a judge's decision to dismiss their lawsuit against the hospital.

Whitney Traylor, a legal expert for 9 News, said he expects a similar lawsuit to be filed

“These employees are in Colorado at least. If they don’t have a contract, which most employees don’t, they’re at the will of employees. Now, that doesn’t mean that they can be fired for any old reason. The catch 22 is that the employer has to provide a safe environment," Traylor explained.

UCHealth is not the only Colorado hospital that will require employee vaccinations.

Denver Health and Banner Health are mandating its employees get the shot by November 1.

Rocky Mountain Regional VA Medical Center also said their health care personnel are required to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.


Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



    1. That’s especially true in an “employment-at-will” state, where you can be fired for no reason.

      1. True, however this does not indemnify the hospital as they are not giving their employees a second alternative that is in accordance with the FDA’s approved vaccinations, ergo if they are fired for this, the hospital can fire them, but it does open them up to unemployment litigation as well as civil litigation if they attempt to enforce it and a jab or fired.
        The more important message that is being relayed in this article is that even amongst a hospital’s own staff, the government cannot get other hospital employees to want to get vaccinated. Even they don’t trust the vaccination, and they work in the industry, what else could be more telling than this action alone?
        Good for you employees, stand your ground and seek legal council if they do attempt to uphold this while the EUA is still in effect. There would be a legal ground there as the federal government are telling companies to force their employees to get a vaccination that is not even approval from the exact same federal government.

        1. Note that Masks, Social Distancing, and The Vaccines Have NOT Protected Everyone from catching this virus or the variants. Was a report of a person hospitalized who had the virus mutate at least 32 times within their own body. The Inexpensive Alternate Treatments have been openly disregarded, quashed, in favor of Costly, ‘NEW’, and less tested ones. Some fight the 1st off, and seem protected; others keep having re-occurrences, and only GOD Knows why, including dying for no human-understanding Why.

          1. I’d like to know the source of a virus mutating 32 times in the same body. I haven’t seen it in any medical texts.

          1. A subscription article has another immunocompromised patient having had 23 mutations.

  1. Give me a break UC Health, Centra and almost every other health care system in the city / state has required their staff to have other vaccines in the past this one is no different. There now has been over 4 Billion doses given out! The longer the anti vaxers hold out the more variants we will see. We are almost 2 years into this pandemic its time to bring it to an end.

    1. Absolutely! The only difference is in the ignorance of those objecting, who continue to claim any excuse as a reason. What will they claim when the vaccine gets the FDA’s final approval?

      1. a “vaccine” must demonstrate at least 18 months’ utility. That means after completing the two shots you should have immunity for 18 months. This is standard FDA regulation. They are already stating efficacy drops knowingly at 6 months and now want to promote “boosters” This is ridiculous and these injections do not meet the standard for FDA approval.

      2. You just made a comment last week stating getting the Covid shot should be made between the patient and their doctor. There is no 100% of doctors believe in the shot. I understand you are incapable of an independent taught and you need the government to make decisions for you.

    2. The variants are due to viral escape due to the “vaccine”. This is why you have out breaks in highly vaccinated populations like Cape Cod. This is experimental and only got that status because the claim was there is no other treatments for the coof but Ivermectin, Budesodine, and HCQ with Zinc. The Nazi’s were considered monsters for conducting medial experiments against the will of the people and now people are calling those in our government and governments worldwide hero’s for trying to do the same. Covid has 13 symptoms, the Pizer shot has listed 24 side effects, so why are officials trying to make you afraid of Covid? This is not about health, this is medical tyranny it’s all about control this is why they are using force which is a tool of tyrannical governments.

      1. Am quite surprised the censors let you post all that! Should be known that it’s just about nearly impossible to get HCQ in this state, and the only way to get Ivermectin is to be infested with head-lice. Have had to stock certain supplements and used those and some others when our household went through the suspected virus infection. Have to say, there are report of more than “13 symptoms” now attributed to this virus, but still the side effects of the vaccines are appearing to be more egregious that worth, with Future ones still unknown.

  2. Fire em all! I heard the unemployment bennies are pretty good! No wait, While we’re at it, let’s stop medicare bennies and social security payments to anyone who won’t vaccinate, let’s withhold their tax refund, or better yet just put all the non believers in prison, confiscate their property. Hey seriously though, are they vaccinating all the illegal boarder crossers before releasing onto the streets?

      1. I Haven’t come across ANY Such Information! please give us a clue to THAT! The Illegals aren’t EVEN Being TESTED for this virus, until they end up at another site, unaffiliated with the US government, or in hospitals!

        1. Best I can find is; “Illegal immigrants have been refusing the vaccine for the same reasons that many Americans have” on headline “30 percent of illegal immigrants in border facilities refused COVID vaccine: report”

      2. Ya, most are illegal. Not asylum seekers. Asylum from what? failed socialist counties run by cartels? But the Cubans aren’t welcome because they likely won’t support the Dems agenda? Which is it?

    1. We must listen to our healthcare professionals….only the ones that goes along with the narrative.

      1. I actively engage with my OWN healthcare doctors and won’t just accept their dictates. My researches have provided some alternatives to offer to others. We can’t allow others Fears to Rule All of OUR Lives! My mom once had a doctor who had a undesirable reaction to 1 of the meds my mom was on. My mother told her She didn’t, Needed THAT med, and please Write the script to renew it, as she-my mom, wasn’t The Same AS the doctor. No 2 people, even twins are exactly the same; quit trying to make it so!

        1. In a free society people are allowed to make there own healthcare decisions, even bad decisions. People still smoke. Where the outrage about them.

          1. Smoking affects mainly the person who indulges, since we banned most of theme to outside in public places. Covid is being spread primarily by unvaccinated people, so it affects many more than just the one unvaccinated person, and no one has the right to knowingly infect other people.

  3. This needs to apply to all public sector employees as well as children returning to in person learning in the fall. Vacations are not optional but necessary for public health and safety.

    1. FDA approved “Vacations are not optional but necessary for public health and safety.” Had to finish the sentence, it was missing some legal information to make this statement valid.

        1. Fair enough I didn’t correct their grammatical error(s). you got me.
          “FDA approved “’Vaccinations’ are not optional but necessary for public health and safety.”

      1. To Inform you, the Main reason for The Renewed vigor on ‘masking, including the Full vaccinated’ Is the Study done of The Cape Cod 4th of July and The Majority Being Vaccinated, having SPREAD As Well As CATCHING The Delta Variant!! Sen. Ran Paul has reported that while The Delta Variant is More Contagious, it appears to BE Less Deadly, paraphrased. No one died from that 4th of July Cape Cod.

    2. Did You Know that The Teachers’ Unions Are NOT Requiring ALL their members to Vaccinate? STOP trying to impose ‘your’ FEARS onto those Not you!

  4. Its always anonymous fool be quoted. This will give he hospital a chance to hire good people when these cry babies are fired. They work in healthcare but won’t do anything to protect someone from getting sick. Stand your ground and fire them all if they won’t follow the rules.

    1. at least they all mask up.
      This is very effective at stopping the spread of Covid.
      These shots are wearing off after 6 months.
      People who have been “vaccinated” have been found to have huge viral loads, but the “shot” makes them less aware they are sick and infective.
      So if you are a fan of “the science”-it is ow stating that vaccinated people are huge shedders of the virus-and with a false sense of security-are most likely to be the biggest spreaders of all.

      1. Did you ever learn that doctors didn’t even Wash Their Hands, back long ago? Look up Semmelweis 1848-1859 time line and Florence Nightingale, 1860

      2. One thing you seem to be misquoting is the way vaccinated people can spread the virus. Because it’s harder for vaccinated people to become infected, it’s also harder for them to infect others, because they have to become infected themselves first. And they do not have a heavier viral load than unvaccinated people. It’s now known to be big, although not yet confirmed if it’s as big as the unvaccinated.

        1. Even vaccinated people can still spread Covid. Vaccinated people can still die from Covid, People with natural immunity is protected the same a vaccinated, but not as long. The “professionals” don’t know if the vaccinated need a booster yet. Why get the shot???? to make the person getting the shot “feel” safer, warm and cozy.

    2. Personal Choices. No Alternatives. No Debates. No Opposition. Ya know, even GOD has permitted Challenges to HIS positions; case in point a certain fleece made wet or dry. Only EVIL Hates to be Questioned.

  5. Injecting an unknown substance into your body that hasn’t even been approved by the FDA just because the government tells you to? I don’t think so. The people that are so willing to get this unknown substance injected into their bodies will be the first ones loaded into the boxcars.

    1. its really about the benjamins for these drug companies-
      their “vaccines” are only holding up about 6 months.
      Not a vaccine- just a prophylaxis.

      1. Yes, otherwise, WHY did ‘they’Shut Down the CHEAP, Decades old(65+ years in 1 case) Alternatives?

    2. Wait so as soon as the “Government” says its “A ok FDA approved” then you are ok but not before because “the government tell you to” ???

      FDA approval on drugs is a lot like the fox guarding the hen house. You should read what FDA approval entails.

      1. The CDC and apparently almost as much-the FDA short-sighted-ly believe on THIS-the shot- is the only hope or way to get the virus under control. Simply not so. I take Vit D , C, and zinc (and selenium) daily(Vit D 2x a week.).

  6. “The catch 22 is that the employer has to provide a safe environment,” Traylor explained.”
    Wasn’t the social distancing, mask mandate, and good hygiene protocols that were in place the gold standard before the vaccination was pushed through under the EUA.
    If this was a standard for all essential workers to remain employed during the pandemic, how does that change without an FDA approved vaccination in place as a valid alternative? Why would anyone put something that is unapproved by the FDA into their bloodstream? I am not an IV Drug user, I don’t just simply inject unapproved “medicine” into my body on an unenforceable whim.

    1. there is no way to say that the hospital will be any safer with all staff completely “vaccinated”. Despite what you read in the news-the “typing” of these infections is very skewed as the US testing for “the variant” (sounds like a B-roll horror flick that they are writing for us) is not as high as you think.
      Now if they mandate all employees get the injection- they will be oblivious if they are sick and the hospital could actually become a source of higher infection. Don’t forget- people go to the hospital because they are already sick or need treatments. Many cannot take the shot because of the illnesses they are being treated for (I have stage 4 cancer and an auto-immune disorder). The rate of viral load detected in “vaccinated, asymptomatic people is 100x higher than the original covid infection. Will some employees now unknowingly infect compromised people?

  7. Under the pretense of wanting to help people Biden the demented fraud puppet and the radical marxist Democrats that now occupy our government are on a mission to destroy America. They are putting America on a slow road to tyranny, they must not be allowed to.

  8. Ya, most are illegal. Not asylum seekers. Asylum from what? failed socialist counties run by cartels? But the Cubans aren’t welcome because they likely won’t support the Dems agenda? Which is it?

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