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UCHealth requiring COVID-19 vaccination for all employees by Oct. 1


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- As vaccination rates wane across Colorado, one of the biggest healthcare systems in the state, UCHealth, announced a new effort requiring all employees to be vaccinated by this fall.

UCHealth said in a statement that all employees, providers, volunteers and partners must be vaccinated for COVID-19 by Oct. 1. The statement didn't say what repercussions are on the line if employees don't get vaccinated, but UCHealth added that about 85% of employees have received the vaccine.

“After fighting COVID-19 for more than a year, and as the dangerous delta variant has become the dominant strain in Colorado and elsewhere, it is clear that vaccination against this disease is essential to protect our employees, along with our patients and visitors,” Elizabeth Concordia, president and CEO of UCHealth, said in a statement. “We know that vaccination will also improve health and safety within the communities UCHealth serves, and we want to set an example and help bring an end to this pandemic.”

UCHealth said exemptions would be granted for valid medical or religious reasons. The group is also offering a $500 bonus to any employee who is fully vaccinated by Aug. 22.

You can find information on getting a COVID-19 vaccine at this link here.

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    1. Vaccinations are free so everyone ( 12 and up) has a choice. Anyone who contracts Covid now made their choice.

      1. Unfortunately children under 12 don’t have a choice.
        Tragic that all adults won’t do what it takes to protect them.

        1. Healthy children under 12 don’t need protection. Total deaths from COVID including unhealthy number less than 200 total nationwide. Vaccinating the youth has nothing to do with protecting them. What’s tragic is adults would inject their children with a so called vaccine that is completely unnecessary!

          1. You’re now being proven wrong as the number of pediatric deaths from Covid is on the increase nationwide. It’s nothing less than selfish to not help prevent the spread of Covid by getting everyone vaccinated, including children younger than 12 as soon as permitted.

  1. Good job. Now if we can get this done for public servants and school employees prior to the star of school it would go a long way to normalize the school year.

    1. Really? It would “normalize” the school year( pretty sure it would have the opposite)? So forcing someone to take get a vaccine that was created in 9 days is ok with you? So we’re you ok with the government forcing businesses to close during the start of everything? I mean nobody was forcing anyone to go their business. It was all voluntary! Ohhh, I get it, you need some corrupt politician telling you what to do! Must suck to be as gullible as you. Poor AC.

      1. If you had a real education you would have learned to count, and would know that the vaccine was not developed in 9 days.

  2. Thank you, UCHealth. Rational thinking and caring for your community!
    This is the way it should have been handled by every organization – particularly those in healthcare and education.
    Reward employees for doing the right and necessary thing to protect each other, the mission, and the patients / students. Those who don’t want to go along can move on.
    Who would invest, let alone frequent a business that did not?

  3. Well considering they are federally funded and subsidized by federal grants, I guess in a way they probably do view themselves as federal employees.
    It was recreated in 1991 as the University of Colorado Hospital Authority as a government agency.
    sourcing SB 91-225, chapter 99 of the 1991 Session Laws of Colorado, page 555 et seq., approved 1 June 1991, effective 1 June 1991.
    Push the federal agenda, with the EUA still in effect.

  4. Since the COVID-“vaccine” isn’t a true vaccine because it does not make one immune to SARS-COV-2, a COVID-“vaccinated” person is just as unvaccinated as anyone who hasn’t foolishly gotten the “vaccine”.

    Therefore, the “vaccinated” who are pointing accusing fingers at the unvaccinated ought to be pointing their fingers, shouting, and throwing their fists at themselves.

    Human beings have been spreading and sharing all kinds of pathogens and what-not to others for as long as they have existed; consequently, their immune systems, strengthened by all that exposure, has kept them alive and healthy ever since the day they were born.

    If anyone is immuno-compromised, it’s due to genetics, diet, or lifestyle, or some combination thereof, and a plethora of effective remedies that don’t involve vaccines and government diktats have existed for many, many years.

    1. “Since the COVID-“vaccine” isn’t a true vaccine because it does not make one immune to SARS-COV-2, a COVID-“vaccinated” person is just as unvaccinated as anyone who hasn’t foolishly gotten the “vaccine”.”

      I have been saying this for a while, me and tons of other people.

      I see these shots as some sort of prophylaxis.

      I am waiting for Novavax-made in the tradional way-huge success in clinical trials.

      1. And I’ve been explaining to both of your that the current vaccines are acting just as well as any good vaccine is expected to work. No vaccine is 100% effective, but they are designed to minimize the odds of becoming infected, and to minimize the effects of getting sick, with the goal of also minimizing deaths of vaccinated people from the virus.

  5. What gets me is the WAY they are tricking, cajoling, tempting, and even LYING to you to take the shot. If that’s not a signal NOT to take it I don’t know what is? Especially in light of horror and failing stories of taking this EXPERIMENTAL mRNA jab not even approved by their own medical standards. Plus almost everybody survives it who is reasonably healthy maybe because what they say DOES NOT exist. So why? Very odd, inexplicable. My only conclusion is they are DEMON possessed people.

  6. Dr. David Martin has emerged as the vital voice we have been looking for. The fear among the jabbed is about to avalanche: “EXCLUSIVE! Dr. David Martin Just Ended COVID, Fauci, DOJ, Politicians in ONE INTERVIEW.” —

    1. I guess you’ve finally given up on Dr. Mercola then since he’s now in trouble for his ongoing lies?

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