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Shave your beards to help prevent coronavirus


ATLANTA (KRDO) -- Wearing facemasks or respirators to combat the coronavirus isn't necessarily commonplace in the US just yet, but the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has a warning for bearded men that will almost assuredly go unheeded in Colorado.

The CDC says to shave your beard into one of a few acceptable styles so you can ensure a snug fit for a mask, if needed.

Full-on beards are out, the CDC says, but you can totally rock a handlebar mustache or short goatee.

It's good advice, though we're not sure how many people will chop off their beards to avoid more possible exposure to the virus, which has infected tens of thousands across the world.

FUN ACTIVITY: Try out one of the hilariously named styles like the Lampshade, the Zorro, the Painter's Brush, or the Walrus. If you do, send us a picture.

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