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One man seriously hurt in Colorado Springs shooting


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) - One man was seriously hurt after a shooting in Colorado Springs early Saturday.

Colorado Springs police went to the intersection of Airport Road and South Circle Drive just before 2 a.m. Saturday for reports of a shooting.

There, officers said they found one man with a serious, but non-life threatening gunshot wound. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.

During their investigation, officers arrested Estevan Martinez, 26, for the shooting. It's not clear what charges they might face.

The investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

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Brittany Wiley



  1. I wonder if he is a illegal criminal invader? Biden the demented fraud puppet and the radical Marxist Democrats the now occupy our government have opened up the border and are going to allow millions of illegal criminal aliens into America. They are on a mission to destroy America.

    1. They have been coming in for many years. Most of the serious gang bangers on Long Island in the most dangerous gangs are border crossers. They’ve been in Chicago for 40 years. The southeast side of CS is full of border crossers, some legal and many not. They overwhelm the schools there and need so much extra help. The parents drive fancy trucks and have iPhones but draw food stamps and everything they can get for their kids. The situation isn’t new.

      1. Of course it is not new everybody knows that. But Biden the demented Freud puppet and the radical Marxist Democrats that now occupy our government have scaled it up considerably, to the point you could say we have no border.

        They want to bring millions and millions of illegal criminal aliens into America to change its demographics in their favor. It will if allowed destroy democracy in America. The radical Marxist Democrats are on a mission to destroy America and must not be supported.

        1. Your continued repeating of meaningless sequences of words in your futile attempt to sound intelligent just demonstrates your complete ignorance of facts.

  2. Criminal behavior is the new normal. Politicians don’t care unless it has a personal impact. That part of town used to be an affordable part of town, but became a problem many years ago.

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