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Young children struggling with mobility given customized mini-cars to help them get around


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Friday, The Resource Exchange (TRE) hosted an adaptive car-building event at ERA Shields in Colorado Springs to help young children with disabilities.

During the GoBabyGo! event, children who normally can't move around on their own were fitted with customized miniature ride-on motorized cars designed to increase their mobility.

Teams of volunteers, therapists, and technicians came together to assemble the customized cars.

Four children were given the freedom to explore and go where they wanted to go for the first time.

People interested in sponsoring a future event can email or call 719-338-1718.

The last GoBabyGo! event in Colorado Springs was held in April.

Barbara Fox

Barbara is a reporter based out of Pueblo for KRDO



  1. These kids don’t need toy cars but proper wheelchairs that they will be able to manipulate and have a use of for years to come.

  2. ———————————
    It’s wonderful that these children are being provided with mobility cars which therapists believe will enable the children to reach developmental milestones faster than they would be able to do using wheelchairs. The mobility cars can, also, take on rougher terrain than wheelchairs can. The mobility cars give the children more independence. There’s nothing wrong with a disabled child being given a fun way to get around for a few years during their developmental years. These mobility cars can actually be stepping stones. A number of wheelchair-bound people end up driving their own specially equipped cars as adults.

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