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Controversial abortion rights bill gets approval, heading to governor’s desk

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Bills restricting late-term abortions are passing in Republican-led legislatures elsewhere, but Colorado appears to be headed in the complete opposite direction.

House Bill 22-1279 has passed through the Colorado House of Representatives. After 12.5 hours Tuesday, the Colorado Senate has approved the bill on a preliminary voice vote.

Wednesday, the bill passed one final vote. Now, HB 22-1279 is headed to the Governor's Desk to be signed into law.

With Democrats in control of the legislature, it was likely inevitable that the bill would pass through the Senate. Governor Polis has already said he will sign the bill if it ended up on his desk.

According to the Center for Reproductive Rights, while Colorado has very few restrictions on abortion access, state law does not expressly protect abortion.

HB 22-1279 is called the Reproductive Health Equity Act, and if signed into law, it would guarantee every person in Colorado access to an abortion, regardless of whether the Supreme Court's Roe v. Wade decision is diminished or overturned.

The bill also prohibits state and local governments from denying or interfering with a person's decision to either use contraception, give birth, or have an abortion.

Republicans spent all day Tuesday debating the bill and proposing amendments. Many of the conservative legislators argued that the bill is premature, given that no change has been made by the Supreme Court yet. HB 22-1279 arrived in the Senate after the bill spent record time on the floor of the House, before passing last week.

Colorado is already one of seven states that have no law against late-term abortions and have no state-imposed thresholds.

Democrats say HB 22-1279 would not change that, but if it passes, it puts into law that abortions would be protected in the state, regardless of what happens federally. 

Still, Democrats worry that without HB 22-1279, any change at the federal level could restrict abortion access in the state.

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Spencer Soicher

Spencer is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. Factually, Republican politicians do not care about abortions but they care about votes.

    1. What, are you the Republican Fact Checker? In fact, millions of Americans from all walks of like and political persuasion know abortion is the taking of an innocent life and wrong. Would you have aborted your baby self?

      1. Sounds like you have set yourself up as the fact checker for “millions of Americans”.
        Except your “facts” are wrong.

  2. Abortion is not “Reproductive Rights” nor is it “Reproductive Health”. Language matters. The Left loves to manipulate language in order to sear the conscience.

    If you’re still wondering when life begins? It begins at CONCEPTION because it can’t begin anywhere else.

    1. By your logic, life begins long before conception, and millions of such “lives” are eliminated every day.

      1. I don’t think you read his comment correctly, you just replied.
        DoR: “It begins at CONCEPTION”
        RC: “By your logic, life begins long before conception”


  3. Those who think like Hanna Montana up there like abortion for it’s immoral convenience.

  4. “Governor Polis has already said he will sign the bill if it ended up on his desk.”
    Of course he will. It’s sad how hard Democrats fight for the right to ki!! children.

    1. Children aren’t being killed by abortions. Fetuses are removed before they have any level of consciousness or spirit in them. During the birth process, amazing changes take place when the fetus transforms into a living being, around the time it takes its first breath. Medical science doesn’t pretend to know all the details yet, but they can tell the differences between a fetus and a living child.

      1. “During the birth process, amazing changes take place when the fetus transforms into a living being”
        I take it you don’t have kids or have ever gone through the process of having a child. Long before a baby is born it is moving, reacting to stimulus and listening. There is no magic moment when a baby is born that is all the sudden is alive and has a soul.

      2. “First breath”?? Sounds like you approve of killing a baby that has yet to take a breath!!!! According to your immoral opinion you would approve of killing a baby during a water birth! Yes, we had home births; I’ve held my children before their first breath and could never imagine of killing something that has yet to take a breath. Can’t get any lower than you RealityCheck

    2. Your religion may teach you differently, and you have the right to believe that. But don’t impose your beliefs on others who believe in different standards of life.

      1. Don’t impose? Don’t impose? Pot meet kettle:
        Children aren’t being killed by abortions. Fetuses are removed before they have any level of consciousness or spirit in them. During the birth process, amazing changes take place when the fetus transforms into a living being, around the time it takes its first breath. Medical science doesn’t pretend to know all the details yet, but they can tell the differences between a fetus and a living child.

        What the hail do you call this if it is not an imposition?

      2. Please tell us what is moral and what isn’t RealityCheck! What is your standard that you use that you base your moral code on? Seriously, I want to hear what you use as your starting point for what is moral and what isn’t.

  5. How can we have a country founded upon free will but also directly interfere with a person that makes that choice? I hear many people from specific faiths claim the child is not granted that same choice, but rarely do they actually step up to give that child that choice. They speak up, but when it is time for action, they look around for someone else to do the hard work of raising that child, and often times leaving the parent that wanted the abortion left holding the child they did not want in the first place.
    This topic is so wrapped up in religious connotation and attempting to cir(c)umvent free will by imposing their ideologies and beliefs upon someone else that doesn’t have the same reservations. What is the adage phrase, “Walk a mile in their shoes”. Even the Religious texts where most of this judgment comes from regarding this topic states, “Matthew 7 “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you. “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye?”

  6. Just a few added thoughts on Matthew 7:
    Judge not, that you be not judged: With this command Jesus warned against p@ssing judgment upon others, because when we do so, we will be judged in a similar manner.
    Among those who seem to know nothing of the Bible, this is the verse that seems to be most popular. Yet most the people who quote this verse don’t understand what Jesus said. They seem to think (or hope) that Jesus commanded a universal acceptance of any lifestyle or teaching.
    Jesus commanded us to know ourselves and others by the fruit of their life, and some sort of @ssessment is necessary for that. The Believer is called to show unconditional love, but the Believer is not called to unconditional approval. We really can love people who do things that should not be approved of.
    We break this command when we think the worst of others.
    We break this command when we only speak to others of their faults.
    We break this command when we judge an entire life only by its worst moments.
    We break this command when we judge the hidden motives of others.
    We break this command when we judge others without considering ourselves in their same cir(cu)mstances.
    We break this command when we judge others without being mindful that we ourselves will be judged.
    According to the teaching of some rabbis in Jesus’ time, God had two measures that He used to judge people. One was a measure of justice and the other was a measure of mercy. Whichever measure you want God to use with you, you should use that same measure with others.
    We should only judge another’s behavior when we are mindful of the fact that we ourselves will be judged, and we should consider how we would want to be judged.

    **This may be a lot for some people to understand…it is my opinion and mine only from what I have studied and what I have learned.

    1. This is insightful and thanks for sharing RR. Personally, the lesson I took from the teaching was to not attempt to place the things that created me to become the person I am today upon another because their life may have taught them differently. I choose to share my life’s experiences in an effort to help someone that may choose to listen, but I do not judge those that choose to not listen. I also choose to listen when engaged in a conversation that I feel I can learn from and take someone else’s life’s lessons to save myself from that heartache. From my experiences though I have seen that humanity unfortunately learns not from the lessons of others bu(t) the failures of their own mistakes, because the scars and pain of that failure is a reminder of what they did wrong. The scale of humility and pride is too an interesting belief that I find intriguing, I am sorry as I am simply not well-versed on this so I again defer to someone else’s expertise, but do plan to do some additional research to always keep learning, so thank you.
      I guess my point I come to is that regarding abortion, I find this to be a topic that should remain between the two that began the creation of life. A step beyond this point and it is only an outside person influencing the decision of the two, and I find that not only counter-productive as a society, but judgmental of us as a society.
      Is it better for a child to be brought into life with a pharmaceutical or narcotic addiction than allowing the addict parent(s) to have an abortion? Does that change if the parents of the fetus are incestual? On a spiritual answer I simply do not know, because I do not believe there is a one size fits all answer, and it is best to be a case by case situation. But I do feel this dilemma cannot be resolved by restrictive governance of laws, but by the involved person’s choices of the actions they make and how they choose to live with the consequences of their actions and decisions. On one hand we are told god has a plan for us all. But couldn’t a part of that plan also incorporate the free will choice of being able to have an abortion?
      Whatever the case, I do appreciate the theological and philosophical discussion richierich.

      1. Thank you for your comment. I agree with what you say and if we can’t question ourselves on how we handle our beliefs without offending the other party then we really haven’t accomplished what our intent was. There is the old adage”agree to disagree” but in this day and age I believe we as a society have forgotten how that works. Your thought on free will to choose is exactly where contention comes into play. Sometimes we…myself included…say we do not believe someone has made the right choice according to us…when in fact it is a choice the person has made based on how they see the outcome. There are always consequences for every choice and therein lies where judgement enters the picture.
        Whether we believe abortion is right or wrong we do not get to say on either condition what we believe is right or wrong….that decision belongs to the individual. I believe we will all be held accountable for what we do in our lifetime whether it be right or wrong…good or bad. The best choice for me is try every day to be kind. Life is too short. With everything happening in our lives today I see it this way. One minute of anger weakens your immune system by four to five hours. One minute of laughter strengthens your immune system by 24 hours. Which do you choose? Good day to you and yours AMZ!

        1. I rarely agree with your posts. However, your posts here are, like AMZ’s, are SPOT ON! Well said!

  7. Democrats sure do love killing unborn children it is their raison d’etre. It’s what wakes them up in the morning. But it seems to me if black lives matter then you would be against abortion because they kill a lot of little black kids.

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