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iFLY, new indoor skydiving facility, opens in Colorado Springs

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado Springs is home to a new indoor skydiving facility with a state-of-the-art wind tunnel. iFLY offers a safe flying experience through a 14-foot flight chamber designed to serve a range of flyers.

The facility was opened by three Air Force Academy cadets and will be used for training for current cadets.

"This is basically a prep course for when they do their actually free fall sky diving. Just about all the cadets go through what we call AM 490 which is a free fall skydiving class and they get training in here for body positioning, safety reasons, that type of thing before they ever have to jump out of an airplane. It serves as a great training tool for what they have to do out there," said Korky von Kessel one of the owners.

The experience is for flyers of all skill levels and ages between three and 103.

The facility was first announced last year. There are more than 80 locations worldwide.

To learn more you can visit their website. iFLY is located at 281 Kaycee Case Pl, Colorado Springs, CO 80921, near the TopGolf and Bass Pro Shops.

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Jessica Gruenling

Jessica is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about her here.



  1. There is a global recession coming and the price point on this thing is ridiculous it’ll be out of business in a few weeks.

    1. They won’t be our of business for quite some time. This is a military town, so a whole lot of people aren’t or won’t feel the affects of the recession. Price isn’t too bad considering some spend that much money going out to eat and the local clubs on a weekend or night out.

  2. $80+ for TWO (2) Minutes air time?? OH heck no. Even if there is not a recession coming do people NOT know how to save money anymore? Guess everyone thinks they are loaded with cash huh? $450k or more for a house mortgage, new cars everywhere, restaurants full up….crazy is as crazy does!

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