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Protestors no show at a District 20 school, parents show support for mask policies

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Two Academy District 20 schools were closed in response to a possible large-scale protest at Chinook Trail Middle School. When Tuesday came, however, the expected crowd was nowhere to be found.

According to district officials, the Colorado Springs Police Department received a call inquiring about a "permit to conduct a peaceful protest at Chinook Trail Middle School Tuesday with approximately 1,600 protestors."

Monday, D20 decided to move students at Chinook Trail Middle School to remote learning and cancel school for Chinook Trail Elementary, which is next to the middle school.

"This is not what we want for our students, especially coming out of a year of COVID. We want them in the classroom, we want them to have a learning environment that looks and feels normal and this is not what we want. It’s incredibly disruptive and we want them back to an environment where they feel safe and normal and this isn’t what we want," said Allison Cortez with Academy District 20.

The district still doesn't know who put in the request to hold the protest, but by noon on Tuesday, they hadn't shown up.

Those who did show up were parents and students from D20 who wanted to show their support for the district, schools, and the current mask policies.

"I feel like students, teachers, and staff have been through enough the last 18 plus months. The whole goal is to keep kids in school and that is not accomplishing this goal, so I was very disheartened," said Laura Matisek, a D20 parent.

At this time, the district expects to resume in-person learning on Wednesday.

Chinook Trail Middle School became the center of a district investigation after pictures of a sixth-grader with a mask taped to their face began circulating social media.

Friday, D20 announced interviews from that investigation were completed and officials were analyzing all statements. At this time there is no timeline for when the results of that investigation will be released.

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Jessica Gruenling

Jessica is a reporter for Good Morning Colorado. Learn more about her here.



  1. I am confused as to what the supposed protest was supposed to be. Some say protest against the tape incident on the mask ordeal. Some say against masks all together. Some say against D20’s administration.
    To me it sounds like it was a great hoax.

    1. well, I think it’s kind of funny.
      Except for everybody who had their life disrupted over it.

  2. Protest against any public school policy will get you branded a domestic terrorist! Way to go teacher union!!! Go go go! Oh ya, in parents have ” no right” to say what will be taught in schools!

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