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District 20 finishes interviews for investigation into photo of student with taped on mask

Stephanie M.

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Friday, Academy District 20 announced an update on the investigation into allegations that a teacher forced students to tape masks to their faces.

According to Allison Cortez with D20, the district has finished interviews and is now analyzing all of the statements.

At this time, Cortez is not sure when the investigation will be complete.

On Oct. 15, a parent claimed a teacher told a student to tape their mask to their face so it wouldn't fall off. A picture of the child, a student at Chinook Trail Middle School, was shared hundreds of times across social media.

D20 told 13 Investigates there is not a policy in place requiring students to tape their masks.




  1. “a parent claimed a teacher told a student to tape their mask to their face so it wouldn’t fall off”
    A parent who believes everything their kids tell them, including when it’s a concocted story to keep them from getting into trouble . . .

  2. Please post your facts!! I want your facts on this case! Where is the proof that this kid is lying! You seem to know everything. Come on RealityCheck. You amaze me how one sided you are. Your ignorance is on par with Trump’s.

  3. It’s painters tape, if it were duct tape I’d be more concerned. All you Karen’s just need to simmer down. Think about it this way, if there were any truth to this incident the cops would be investigating this teacher for child abuse, which they’re not. If the police were investigating, the school district would base any decisions off the police report.

  4. Sweet. What a lovely waste of everyone’s time. If the girl made it up, then she should be suspended for a disruption to the learning environment. If the mom made it up, she should be charged with interference with a school official. If the teacher did it, then s/he should be disciplined, suspended, etc…

    1. If the student and or the parents were involved she should be banned from district 20 and have to attend district 2, district 11, maybe even an alternative school…

  5. The parents they showed on the news were a riot. You can tell they lack an IQ by the way they act in public. Putting tape on them, screaming. No wonder their children are nuts. They have their parents to look up too. #Karens Rule.

  6. I just have to say the painters tape is what does it for me that says it all. Think about it… When have you ever seen painters tape on the school supply list? Furthermore what subject would require painters tape at a middle school? Generally they’ll have clear tape or normal masking tape but 1” painters tape just not something you find at schools often. I mean not even in the supply closet for the janitor… Painters and general contractors have painters tape. I think they should investigate the parents line of work and they should investigate their credit card transactions…

    1. And just one child at that… not two not three? Her bestie didn’t have her back? Her crush didn’t come to her rescue? I know that may sound “Disney” but think about being that age again… These are the same children that protested alongside their parents so they know how to rally together. Not one other faculty member will come forward and say that it was the other? Just doesn’t seem legit…

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