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UCHealth cuts hospital visitors down to one person per patient


STATEWIDE, Colo. (KRDO)-- UCHealth's new patient visitation policy went live Monday, October 18th, according to UCHealth. The hospitals website reads, "For the safety of our patients, providers and staff, beginning Monday, Oct. 18, most patients may have 1 visitor or support person per day."

Visiting hours are from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Visitors are required to wear an approved mask in hospital facilities. According to UCHealth, the measure is to protect visitors, patients and staff alike. Masks with release valves, neck gaiters and bandanas are not considered approved masks.

All visitors will also be screened for COVID-19 symptoms before they are allowed to enter a UCHealth facility. If a visitor shows signs of COVID-19, they will not be allowed to enter except for medical care.

There are some exceptions to the policy. If a patient has a disability and requires support or specialized services, they should contact the Patient Representative Offices, or speak with their nurse, provider or someone at the information desk.

Here are the overall rules to the new visitation policy at UCHealth:

  • No visitors testing positive for COVID-19 or awaiting COVID-19 test results.
  • No visitors under 16 years old.
    • Patients may bring a child under the age of 16 to outpatient clinic visits. However, UCHealth encourages all patients to find child care during their appointment time. Children over the age of 2 must wear a mask at all times.
  • Minors may have two visitors a day, but they must be their parents or guardians.
  • End-of-life exceptions are mad on a case by case basis.
  • Support persons may be asked to wait in an area separate from the patient
  • OB patients (Obstetrician-Gynecology) are allowed two visitors per day. Doulas are considered as support persons.
  • OB patients who have tested positive for COVID-19 are allowed one visitor during their hospital stay.

Aubry Tucker



  1. It’s like UC Health is reminding all of the COS inhabitants that Penrose St. Francis is still a viable alternative to their tyrannical rules.

  2. More draconian mindset embraced by hospitals in order to keep government funding. History will bear out the barbarism of the so-called “Covid protocols” imposed on individuals who would have otherwise LIVED had they been allowed PROVEN treatments and therapeutics within the first week of diagnosis. Doctors are literally AFRAID of losing their licenses for prescribing off-label meds that have dozens of studies PROVING efficacy. Clear dereliction of duty to deny treating the sick early on in favor of waiting it out until they need hospitalization, remdesivir and ventilators (which garner a nice profit for the hospitals!) As loved ones die a slow death on a ventilator, no visitors allowed. This is the great blood-letting of the 21st century.

    1. Maybe you’re right. Perhaps all the medical staff who don’t want to get vaccinated should open up a “hospital” for all the unvaccinated COVID patients and their friends and families in one of the empty malls around here. Go ahead and give them whatever treatment they desire, as long as they sign a release. Don’t bother putting them on ventilators, don’t worry about wearing those pesky masks. Don’t worry about screening the visitors, cuz, I mean, it’s not that bad. Most of the people who die were gonna die anyway. No more draconian measures!

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