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Judge sets $500K bond for Barry Morphew, man accused of killing wife in 2020

SALIDA, Colo. (KRDO) -- Barry Morphew, the man accused of first-degree murder following the disappearance of his wife Suzanne Morphew, was in court Friday and was made eligible for a $500,000 cash-only bond.

After prosecutors and Morphew's defense made their final arguments to close out the multi-session preliminary hearings, a judge determined there is not enough strong evidence against Morphew to hold him without bond. Judge Patrick Murphy did say there was enough probable cause to go to trial.

Suzanne Morphew vanished on Mother's Day of 2020. Her body still has not been found, but her husband was charged with first-degree murder for her death roughly a year after she was reported missing. Suzanne Morphew's bicycle was found off of Highway 50 near Maysville following her disappearance, but her body hasn't been found.

Testimony during a hearing in August revealed that the relationship between Barry and Suzanne was rocky. Suzanne had discussed divorce and was sending romantic messages to a former partner.

Prosecutors say that Barry wouldn't allow divorce, and that was the motive behind the killing. Morphew's defense counsel disputed that and said the case is "based on supposition."

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Friday's hearing was delayed slightly while attendees made their way into the courtroom in Salida, but prosecutors quickly began presenting a set of facts to convince Judge Murphy that the standard of probable cause has been met.

In addition to the cash-only bond, Morphew will have to surrender his passport and won't be able to travel or reside outside of Chaffee County, with the exception of same-day travel to Denver to meet with attorneys, according to Judge Murphy. Morphew will also have to wear an ankle monitor.

Judge Murphy said Morphew won't be able to post bond until noon on Monday. The arrest affidavit in Morphew's case is also set to be made available by then.

The trial has been tentatively set for May 3 through June 1.

This is a developing story that will be updated.

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  1. “The trial has been tentatively set for May 3 through June 1.”
    Which year? It seems this case is destined to linger on for many more of them.

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