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Army veteran gifted air conditioner unit from locally-owned company

MONUMENT, Colo. (KRDO) -- Imagine living in your dream home, when a life-altering injury forces you to move elsewhere. That's what happened to Army veteran, Scott Q., and his family.

In 2003, Scott was injured in a mortar attack during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Years later, he and his family moved into their dream home, a three-story, one-acre property.

However, complications from the blast lead to Scott losing his leg in 2019. After losing part of his left leg, Scott found it too difficult to move around his dream home, so he and his family were forced to move to a new house this year.

The Furnace Guy Heating and Cooling, a Colorado-based company, actively provides AC units to veterans in the area for free heard his story and stepped up to help Scott's family. Toby Conquest, the founder of The Furnace Guy, said Scott's story really touched them.

"Scott gave up his dream so that we could continue to live ours," says Conquest.

KRDO joined The Furnace Guy in surprising the Quaife family with their new AC, HVAC equipment, and other covered expenses.

"We had everything and we had to walk away," Scott's wife, Elizabeth, said. "It was really, really hard. So for them to step up and be able to do this for us when we currently don't have the funds, and for my mom to think of us in that way, to take the time to nominate us and write such beautiful things... It's a blessing."

Scott's AC unit will be installed this week, and The Furnace Guy has taken care of all installation expenses.

To nominate a military family in need, click here.

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