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Fargo’s Pizza reopening Friday, and with a new pizza recipe

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO)-- The beloved Fargo's Pizza Co. in Colorado Springs has been closed for seven months due to the pandemic. Now, the restaurant is reopening again on Friday.

Closing the doors in December was not something Fargo's management wanted to do, Sesmundo says. He explains it got to the point where they had too many employees for the number of customers they could fit in the restaurant.

"We closed because of the [coronavirus} restrictions," he says. "This building can fit up to 550 people. The restrictions got down to where we could only have about 50 people."

With restrictions lifted, the restaurant is opening back up, and with many of their former employees coming back too.

"People are interested in the pizza. They love to hear the player piano playing. They love to see the way the girls dress in the Victorian western dresses," Sesmundo says.

The looks and sounds of the place are still the same. If you walk around the inside, you'll still see the shiny chandeliers, the salad bar, the player piano, and the buffalo on the wall. All of the things that made Fargo's a well-known destination remain the same, there are just a few changes.

"Something different that we've done is we've upgraded our pizza sauce here," said operations manager Nicholas Sesmundo. "We have gone to a different cheese blend that we are putting on the pizzas."

In addition to a change in cheese, Sesmundo said they actually became more efficient at making pizza. He explained how before closing it took 10-12 minutes to make a pizza, now it takes seven minutes.

However, Sesmundo said he wasn't willing to go into further detail about the new cheese blend.

"It's a secret recipe," Sesmundo laughs.

Fargo's Pizza Co. reopens Friday, July 2, at 5 p.m. For more information, click here.

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Spencer Soicher

Spencer is a reporter for KRDO. Learn more about him here.



  1. Ahhh the death knell of a business…… let’s change the model of the very thing that’s made us successful for 50 years. We shall see, unfortunately I fear in year or so Fargo’s will be no more.

  2. The dust on the player piano is not a good sign of the cleanliness of the rest of the restaurant.

    1. “It’s a secret recipe,”
      If your food product comes from a food delivery service like Shamrock Foodservice, United Restaurant INC., or Colorado Fresh Food Products, then I imagine it isn’t that big of a secret, nor is it that special.

  3. Like the salad bar. Never have cared for the pizza. 2 of the last 3 times we ordered a small pizza to go with our salad they burned it and we got our money back. Hopefully the new recipe is better.

  4. Fargo’s needs a “good deal” draw to get more people in their business. Something like CiCi’s Pizza $3.99 buffet and offer a slew of extras and deserts on the buffet. Last time we went, we were disappointed in the thin, skinny, tasteless pizzas and boring salad bar. Step in up a few notches and we will come back!

  5. “Cheese Mixes” and I can’t get along, so will skip their pizza from now on. If there’s not a straight mozzarella option, we don’t eat it.

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