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Colorado Springs Dutch Bros. donating proceeds to mental health counseling fund Tuesday


COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- All nine Colorado Springs area Dutch Bros. Coffee locations will be donating $1 per every drink sold on Tuesday, June 1, to Mayfield Counseling's Client Assistance Fund.

The coffee franchise is hoping to put a dent in Mayfield Counseling's goal of raising $75,000 to offer treatment to those who may not be able to afford it on their own.

Mayfield Counseling offers mental health services to individuals, as well as couples and family therapy, at its two Colorado Springs locations.

"The issue of mental health is something that's touched all of us and has been made even more extreme in the wake of the pandemic," said Bryan Gumpy, who owns four Dutch Bros. locations in Colorado Springs.

"If you are working in a job that's barely making the bills and you've got a good insurance policy, but your co-pay is $98 dollars, you can't afford that," says Dr. Mark Mayfield.

Dr. Mayfield says people are getting past the stigma about mental health. The issues are being understood, he says, but often paying for the services is a large obstacle.

"I don't think [mental health] is more of an issue now than it was before the pandemic," Dr. Mayfield says. "I think it's much more spotlighted now than it was before the pandemic because we had things that we could numb it out with and avoid. We could go to work, and we could go to school, and escape the things that are bothering us."

Gumpy says his employees are on board with the mission too.

"This is something that was near and dear not only to me but to the people in the shop who make your coffee every day," he says. "This is how we can jump in and make a meaningful impact, just by doing what we do every day, making you a cup of coffee.

You can see a map of all the Dutch Bros. locations in Colorado Springs here.

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  1. These people represent everything good a business can be.
    Not only do they have the best coffee in the Springs, you couldn’t feel more appreciated as a customer when you go there. Kudos to good folks.

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