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Woodland Park Police Chief placed on leave amid investigation into workplace conduct

WOODLAND PARK, Colo. (KRDO) -- Woodland Park Police Chief Miles DeYoung was placed on paid administrative leave this week as an investigation looks into allegations about his workplace conduct.

Woodland Park's acting city manager Michael Lawson confirmed DeYoung's leave to KRDO. Lawson added that Commander Ryan Holzwarth will serve as acting chief in DeYoung's absence.

Lawson said: "The decision to place him on leave is a result of allegations related to Chief DeYoung's conduct in the workplace. The allegations are not criminal in nature."

No details about the allegations have been made public, but KRDO had been investigating the origin of the complaints before news of DeYoung's paid leave was announced to the police department on Friday.

Lawson said the city can't provide any additional details while the investigation is ongoing.

13 Investigates called De Young on Friday afternoon, he declined to say anything but that his leave was related to a personnel matter.

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  1. Say it isn’t so, yet another Chief of police placed on paid administrative leave as another investigation looks into allegations about his workplace conduct. Manitou Springs, Pueblo, and now Canon City in the last 3-6 months? I said it once before, and will say it again, the problems in law enforcement are traditionally not at the line officer positions, it is the supervision cadre levels. The Blue Wall only protect those at the top. The line officer are just expendable assets that the administration utilize to drop all of the liability onto while not accepting the vicarious liability they are tied to when something goes wrong. And this is because the city, county, and state government officials are just as corrupt and back the blue wall of silence.
    Unless this is just a three time coincidence that has occurred in the last 3-6 months with three separate municipalities…

    1. Manitou Springs, Pueblo, and now “Woodland Park” accidentally said Canon City.

    2. Too bad the County Sheriff is elected and doesn’t have a “boss” or Sheriff Elder would have been put out on leave a long time ago. Difficult to weed out corrupt cops like Elder when there is little accountability.

  2. Looks like the system is working. One by one, bad behavior is being exposed, culprits being held responsible. What more do you want?

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