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Will Biden review decision to move Space Command to Alabama?

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- Colorado's federal delegation has called on President Joe Biden to stop all actions related to moving U.S. Space Command to Huntsville, Alabama.

Earlier this month, the Air Force announced that the preferred location for the Space Command would be at Redstone Arsenal in Huntsville.

All nine of Colorado's federal lawmakers, both Republicans and Democrats, are asking President Biden to review the decision to move the headquarters.

The letter lawmakers sent to President Biden on Tuesday states the move "undermines our ability to respond to threats in space and is disruptive to the current mission." The letter focuses on national security, personnel, political influence, lack of transparency, and lack of sufficient data during the selection process.

Commander Army Gen. James H. Dickinson who leads Space Command defended the decision to move the headquarters in an interview posted on the Department of Defense website on Tuesday.

"The secretary selected Huntsville, out of a pool of extremely strong contenders, because it compared more favorably across a number of factors used to determine the best host city for headquarters. Those factors included mission, infrastructure, capacity, community support, and, quite frankly, cost to the Department of Defense," Gen. Dickinson said. 

Colorado Sen. John Hickenlooper says he has a hard time believing moving Space Command will actually save the Department of Defense money.

Hickenlooper told KRDO he has a meeting with the Secretary of Defense next week and will be asking about the decision to move Space Command.

The Colorado Springs Chamber previously estimated it could cost up to $2 billion to move the headquarters to Redstone Arsenal.

“Colorado Springs is a place military personnel, Air Force personnel of all sorts love living. So, that generally drives your cost down. And the fact that it’s already here, it’s incumbent, suggests that savings and personnel would have to be dramatic, everything else being equal," Sen. Hickenlooper said.

The newly sworn-in Senator acknowledged that there may be some difference in construction costs but he didn't believe that the lower construction costs would outweigh the cost of a large move.

Hickenlooper said he wants to see the documents grading the criteria of those who competed for Space Command. He said the former Air Force Secretary pledged to provide them but hasn't done so yet.

“A firm commitment that they would give us every worksheet, all of the process by which the decision was made, all of the calculus. I still haven’t seen that yet," Hickenlooper said.

The White House has not yet responded to KRDO's question about whether or not the President will review the situation.

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Chelsea Brentzel

Chelsea is an investigative reporter for KRDO NewsChannel 13. Learn more about Chelsea here.



  1. I care because I will have many friends move to Alabama in the next 5 years. The economic hot CS will take is concerning also.

    1. Will the economic hit make homes here affordable for our young people again?

      If so, good deal for us all.

  2. Still no complaints from the media about all the executive orders Biden has done. Amazing how biased the media is and most of you fools like RealityCheck are being pulled along because you’re all a bunch of pawns. We have a health secretary that is mentally challenged and you people cheer. Go ahead and take advise from someone that is confused about their role on this planet. You’re just like those that listened to Trump on injecting bleach into your system- a bunch of morons.

    1. The health secretary before was essentially Trump, because Azar was one of Trump’s “yes men.”
      And we all know how mentally challenged both of them are . . .

  3. Bidumb does not even know what day it is. He will sign anything put in front of him…..I think they called a lid after morning jello about 9:30.

    1. Still playing the childish name game, I see. Typical of someone with nothing constructive to say. Perhaps when you grow up you’ll understand the importance of constructive arguments.

  4. Lots of people here care. Millions of dollars in economic impact, jobs, not just for the military either. The Obiden administration, can is just a do over of the crappy obam bam administration.

  5. “The White House has not yet responded to KRDO’s question about whether or not the President will review the situation.”
    While it’s important to a lot of people here, it’s probably not at the tope of the list for President Biden. He’s still busy trying to undo all the crap that Trump did in 4 years of damage to our country, especially after his last weeks since he lost the election, when he went out of his way to do things that damaged our country, and had no other purpose.

    1. How about the Keystone Pipeline? Killed thousands of jobs and is a step away from energy independence. So takes money away from Americans and buys oil from the Arab states. What purpose does this serve?

  6. Even if Biden reconsidered, why think it would come to Colorado?
    All such decisions are political…. Trump likely initially thought it would get him Colorado votes. It did not, so they put it in Huntsville.
    Now, per the vote last November, Colorado doesn’t have any electoral votes. Gave them away. So Biden, if he moves the command again, will put it where the votes are. Probably California.

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