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Governor Polis begins quarantine after being exposed to COVID-19

polis presser mask

DENVER, Colo. (KRDO) -- Governor Jared Polis has begun quarantine after finding out Wednesday he was exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID-19.

Polis took a test Wednesday evening and the results came back negative.

According to a press release, the governor is still quarantining and will be re-tested in the coming days.

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Shelby Filangi



  1. LOL, our flabby Gov who is telling us how to stay safe cannot keep himself safe, has been true with many infected/exposed politicians who preach to we the people.

    Non Medical masks that do not stop the virus and senseless 6ft distancing advice that the virus ignores are 2 reasons why the spread continues……What a joke.

    1. Really? You can’t enter a Costco without a mask! Now there is an outbreak at 2 locations! Problem is the masks! That and you morons wearing gloves and thinking you can’t spread germs. I say it’s time to shut everything down and if you have it you are rounded up and put into a containment camp. It’s best for everyone and you’re selfish if you disagree with my idea. If it saves one life are you willing to do this? Or is this too much for you you stupid fool?

  2. Everyone, including him that are exposed to this virus needs to be put in a quarantine zone. You will be taken from your home and put into a camp built and deigned to contain contaminated and potentially contaminated people. We all must do this for the greater good if mankind! I wonder if Polis would be willing to comply with my orders?

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