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State to issue one-time stimulus payments to hardest-hit Coloradans

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DENVER (KRDO) -- Governor Jared Polis announced Wednesday afternoon that the state will issue one-time direct payments to Coloradans that are struggling financially due to the coronavirus.

Since unemployment benefits dried up on September 5, many people in Colorado have been struggling to pay their bills, according to the governor's office. The new executive order authorizes the state to send checks of $375 to almost 435,000 Coloradans in early December.

“Washington D.C has failed to act to provide additional direct cash support for hardworking Coloradans and to further stimulate the economy, so today Colorado is boldly doing our part to help our own," Polis said.

The governor said the executive order was created with the help of the Joint Budget Committee and legislative members in Colorado.

The order states that $168 million will be available through the following funds: $148.9 million from the General Fund from the Medical Services Premium line; $13.8 million in existing funds in the Disaster Emergency Fund; $5.3 million from the Controlled Maintenance Trust Fund. After these allocations, the State Emergency Reserve will still have a remaining balance of about $150 million.

The checks will only go to "qualifying individuals experiencing economic hardships caused by COVID-19 in Colorado." Qualified individuals are those who received unemployment benefits between March 15 and October 24 this year, according to the executive order.

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Zachary Aedo

Zach is a reporter for KRDO and Telemundo Surco. Learn more about Zach here.



  1. The guy who made his workers making over $50,000 take furlough, unpaid days! Cause apparently anyone making over $50k is upper class according to Democrats!

  2. good to see the state try and help even if it’s only a little FEDS aren’t doing anything

  3. At least the State is acting. Thank you for assisting those that truly need it.

    No show from the Federal, County, and Municipal, and the sad thing is I don’t see any remorse that they are not helping.

    The County and the Municipal tried / or are actively trying to misappropriate the CARES Act monies that were given to them to assist the people, but after attempting to use the finances to complete regular maintenance to a park the county was shut down. Unknown if the city is still misappropriating the funds for the AFA visitor center, haven’t received an update on that yet. But rather than helping the people with, I don’t know, their Colorado Springs Utilities bills, or other items of the sort, they would rather simply use it for their pet projects or simply give the remaining balance back to the government and not use it to help the people of this community.

    At this point I don’t even think the Federal government knows what their excuse for not assisting is at this moment. Both sides have been vapor-locked and unwilling to assist The People, thanks Congress.

  4. They were making MORE money on unemployment!!!! $600 extra per week!
    Those who worked still made the same if less. Now they get MORE of our money!?
    Cut the krap. If they wasted that money and did not put any aside it is their fault. It is called budgeting. I and many more like me do it.

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