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Neighbors in Colorado Springs report mail-in ballots taken from mailboxes

mailbox theft cropped

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KRDO) -- The U.S. Postal Service has been a focus ahead of the upcoming United States presidential election, but on Wednesday, one man in Colorado Springs said he and his neighbors had their mail stolen, including their ballots.

"You can see this car pull up our street, then they cut off their lights and they pull up to our mailbox and stop," said one woman who provided surveillance footage from her home near Mesa Road and Uintah Street.

It shows the same four-door, black sedan that Barry Dunlap said he saw pull up to his mailbox Sunday night, although the video does not show anyone actually going through the mail.

"I didn't think much of it until I talked to a neighbor and realized ballots had been sent out on the Friday before and that everybody in the neighborhood received ballots that day," Dunlap said.

He and other neighbors filed reports with the U.S. Postal Service, but the strange part is his unopened ballot, along with others, were later found miles away.

"I was contacted by the U.S Postal Service and they said they found it in an out-going mail drop in the other side of town," he said.

Other neighbors said their ballots were found dumped along Mesa Rd.

The El Paso County Clerk and Recorder's Office sent out ballots Friday and says if a ballot gets stolen, or you don't receive one, it's important to contact its office so it can get you a new ballot and mark the old one as invalid.

But the problem isn't isolated to the west part of the city. Ten miles away, near Pikes Peak Ave. and Academy Blvd, we found a similar story but with a different suspect.

Dave Lundsten caught a stranger on a bike opening his mailbox Tuesday night.

"He just happened to come down and opened up my mailbox to look in there and my camera caught that. He didn't look very old. Maybe 18 or 19," he said.

Luckily, Lundsten said the thief didn't get away with any of his mail.

The U.S. Postal Service remind the community, any type of mail theft is a federal crime and because this is a federal election, theft of ballots could bring more charges.

The U.S. Postal Inspector was notified of the thefts and it is still unclear what the motives were in these separate incidents.

If tour mail has been stolen, a report can be made to the Inspection Service at Or you can call 1-877-876-2455 to make a phone report.

Alexis Dominguez

Alexis is a reporter for KRDO and Telemundo Surco. Learn more about Alexis here.



  1. “The U.S. Postal Inspector was notified of the thefts and it is still unclear what the motives were in these separate incidents.”
    It would appear that someone was trying to add credence to Trump’s unfounded theory that mail fraud is rampant. But it goes to show that stealing ballots from mailboxes didn’t work, and can’t work if those ballots are invalidated.
    It could have been one of the idiots posting on this website who claims that everything Trump says is truthful . . . 🙄

    1. It’s ok. You can still support your pitiful Biden (Democrats version of Trump). Biden is a big liar just like Trump. It’s a shame your still voting for a child molester.

      1. Calling someone a “child molester” based on heresay or gossip is defamation of character and libel.

        “Defamation” is the written or spoken publication or communication of a false assertion of fact, made to a third-party, which causes harm to another’s reputation. As the U.S. is a common law legal jurisdiction (similar to Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom), defamation of character is classified as a civil wrong and “tort,” ultimately allowing a plaintiff to recover both monetary and non-monetary damages for their harm suffered. Defamation is often referred to as the “tort of defamation” or “defamation of character.”

        Say these things to someone willing to pick a bone with you and you could be sued for every penny you have. Loose lips sink ships.

        1. Biden is a public figure you twit. Defamation of character is almost impossible to prove in this case. This is why people get to keep saying Trump is this and that based on heresay or gossip.

  2. So these people can afford a surveillance system but not a locking mail box? I am sure that they can get replacement ballots.

  3. As I stated in another post yesterday I got a ballot for one of my neighbors. Also several days ago I got mail for 6 different neighbors. USPS cannot be trusted with this impotant function.

  4. These people will do ANYTHING to keep that igit orange orangatang in office!!! including but not limited to stealing the mail right from our boxes!!!

  5. @KOLLEGE Can you produce ONE just ONE shred of evidence to support your claims? OR are you repeating youtube meme’s that someone else made? When it comes to trumpet we have uncovered TONS of evidence so much so that WHEN he leaves office 4 states are filing wire fraud and others charges against him!!! the ONLY REASON he has not been charged yet is they dont wanna indite a sitting president on those criminal charges………

  6. I love how people are so quick to blame the “other side” for this happening. This is yet another reason the two party system is broken. People don’t think for themselves and get blinded by hate. Yes hate pure and simple.
    Yes, you are hateful you get on here and repeat things that support your “feelings” such as claiming candidates are this or that when yo really have no clue and are just spreading HATE!
    Just imagine 8 years from now we find out it was all outside govts seeding hate in this country to bring it down and destroy us from within. And some of yall just played right into it.

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